Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Back to reality!

Vacation is over. I arrived in Manila an hour or so ago coming from my extended vacation in the US and Canada with my mom. Just this weekend after we came from Victoria, BC in Canada, we spent our remaining days mostly with our relatives in the US West Coast side to whom we are very thankful for their hospitality (and generosity).
We had our breakfast first at Mabel's on the Ridge before our activities last Saturday. The restaurant is located in Snoqualmie, WA.
hot chocolate
home made corned beef hash
Then we headed to Snoqualmie Falls Park. I went here a couple of years ago with office colleagues/friends who hosted our "tour" of the the town at that time. It was summer time though when we came and the place is much different during winter.
the waterfalls, partly frozen due to temperature
around the park
Snoqualmie Falls Lodge
footprints in the snow
Then we went to North Bend Premium Outlets to do some factory outlet shopping.
That night we had a quick dinner in Quiznos amidst our shopping spree in Everett Mall.
Sunday, we heard mass at St. James Cathedral, the Archdiocese of Seattle.
The mass we heard was delivered by the newly installed Archbishop Most Reverend J. Peter Sartain.
By the way for this trip we stayed in Renaissance Seattle Hotel. The church is just a couple or so blocks away from our hotel so it is relatively walking distance.
I booked for a 2 Double Beds Guest Room but due to my status as Gold Elite in Marriott Rewards, was upgraded to a same room but on the club level (Club Level 2 Double Beds Guest Room). Our rate was at USD118/night inclusive of either parking or breakfast. It was a decent 30sqm worth of space, just enough for our things. Most of the time anyway we are outside the hotel.
view from the room
After breakfast, we decided to walk towards Pike Place Market for our breakfast.
 Pike Place Market
We had our breakfast in Lowell's Restaurant and Bar, a place where I had breakfast 3 years back.
at the 3rd floor of the restaurant
view from the restaurant
hot chocolate
We shared of Dungeness crab omelette. It was a served big (at least for us Asians) that we couldn't have finished a whole serving despite the fact that we loved it.
Rest of the day was spent just going around and staying in our relative's house. We passed by Wayside Chapel in Sultan, Washington, and was amazed by it's size. Seats can only be up to 8 people and it's so small that I can hardly get my camera take the whole place inside.
Today (or at least Monday US time as there is a delay of 16 hours Seattle time compared to Manila time), was spent mostly for travel. We got up mid-morning, prepared ourselves and headed off to the airport. Our first flight was from Seattle to Narita, Japan. We were served a few items on the way and glad I didn't fell asleep throughout the flight.
peanuts and Coke Zero 
ice cream snack
fruits and pastry snack
fruits and sandwich wrap
Our next flight then after is from Narita, Japan to Manila, Philippines
It has been a fun (and tiring) days outside the country. Seattle is a city though that I never tire of going back again and again despite coming over almost every year since 2007.