Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A day at Lok Kawi Wildlife Park

Today is our last day in Kota Kinabalu. As I write this blog post, I'm actually back in the Philippines en route to Manila from Diosdado Macapagal International Airport. Since our flight was still 5:35PM, we were still able to squeeze a whole morning activity for today.
We woke up early today, got ready and had our breakfast at a nearby eatery. But on the way, I can't help but still be amazed by the statue of a swordfish just across from our hotel. It serves as a roundabout for vehicles.
We had our breakfast in Kedai Kopi Sofa. Most restaurants were still closed, except for a few eateries at the complex across our hotel and this one seems easier as there were menu at the wall compared to others where we have to point what we want (and we don't know what it is).
We ordered sop ayam (chicken soup), mie sop ayam (chicken noodle soup) and nasi putih (steamed rice). Good thing I still remember some stuff from my travels in Indonesia and the basic Bahasa counterpart for some of the food items. We also ordered a couple of teh tarik (pulled milk tea).
After breakfast, we spent a short time at Segama Waterfront, specially on these fish structures which Ethan find very amusing. He even rode on this one!
Ethan riding a fish statue
view at the waterfront earlier this morning

Hyatt Regency Kinabalu, where we stayed for 3 nights
Then we proceed to the queue of taxi cabs in front of our hotel and asked to be taken to at Lok Kawi Wildlife Park. After some haggling (we weren't very good), we agreed to be taken to the zoo and back (he will wait while we are inside the park) for MYR100.
The place is less than 30 minutes from Kota Kinabalu city, approximately 25kms away, located at the town of Lok Kawi. Lok Kawi Wildlife Park opens at 9:30AM. We may have been too excited and got there around 9AM. We took the time to take pictures instead and let Ethan run around and play.
Ethan on the train tram
 animals statue at the roundabout approaching the entrance
vehicle entrance for the park
 Roshie and Ethan
The place is ran by the state (Sabah Wildlife Department). Entrance to the park is MYR20 per adult (as non-Malaysian). Locals are to pay MYR10 per adult though. We got our tickets 5 minutes before 9:30AM and went inside immediately after. Here are some photos taken inside:
There was an Animal Show at the Ampi Theatre this morning too at 11AM and here are some photos of the show. The show ran for about 45 minutes.
In the end, the guests were allowed to touch some of the animals to some extent.
We left the park right after the show to get back to the hotel, have and lunch and rest before we fly back to Clark, Philippines. We met with the taxi driver that took us to the zoo at the parking area and he drove us back.
fossil at the entrance area
some structures as we drive back to the hotel
For lunch we had fried chicken, rice, coleslaw and mashed potatoes from KFC (MYR34.65), but ate it at the hotel so we can pack our things and take a rest. Good thing the promotion I got from the hotel also included late check-out of 2PM.
By 2PM, we checked out from the hotel and went straight to the airport (Kota Kinabalu International Airport - Terminal 2). Glad to see that it was the same taxi that we took to the zoo that took us here (paid MYR30). As it was still early, check-in counters for our Seair flight were to open still an hour later (3:30PM).
While waiting (and while Ethan was still sleeping on the benches at the departure area), I walked out of the airport just to take some shots of the budget terminal.
As soon as we were able to check-in, we were whisked towards the boarding area. There weren't too much seats and the place was a bit crowded. Not a lot of shops to look at too so we waited until boarding time and ultimately bought a boxed ice cream sticks from the Made in Sabah store to take home.
boarded the plane at last
As the plane took off (again not so full), I had to reflect on the fun and packed 4 day getaway at Kota Kinabalu with my family, to celebrate my 2nd year wedding anniversary with my wife. It was a quick one but for sure we've done a lot, despite having difficulties as we're carrying a toddler with us. Hope to come back soon at this family-friendly city when Ethan would have a mind of his own already!
By the way, today is the exact date of my 2nd wedding anniversary with my wife!