Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Last minute tour spree in Bohol

Today is our last day in Bohol and as we speak we're already in Manila after a short flight coming from Tagbilaran Airport.
When we checked out from the apartelle this morning, we were picked up again by the same tour guide/van driver we hired the day we got in Bohol. We asked him to tour us around Bohol first before dropping us off the airport (paid PHP2000).
St. Augustine Parish (Panglao Church) was our first stop, which is just a few minutes away from where we stayed. It is almost a century old church as it was inaugurated in 1924.
statue of St. Augustine

church grounds

old belfry
 inside the church
dome ceiling
Then the driver brought us to a museum of seashells, still in Panglao island. The museum housed a lot of seashell artifacts and the collector was very eager to explain his findings and the items we would have never understand without him.

Then our driver took us to Hinagdanan Cave. Entrance fee is at PHP15 per person.

The cave is made of limestones. We had to climb a series of steps going to the cave. There is water underground and with the light passing through the holes above, the place looks very good, after your eyes have adjusted to the dark lighting.
inside the cave

wall paintings in the cave
We passed by the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption (Dauis Church) to get some miracle water. The said water is actually deep well water they dugged up from inside the church near the altar and is said to bring miracles to believers. Previously we were asked to bring our own bottles but today they are giving away the bottled waters (although donations are encouraged).
As it was nearing lunch time, we then proceeded to Bohol Bee Farm. I've been here two years back and the place looks exactly the same as it was before. But that time we didn't dine here.

Bohol Bee Farm, as the name implies is a farm where they culture bees and organic plants. They use these as materials for the food products they sell in the shop as well as for the food they serve in the restaurant. It is also possible to stay in Bohol Bee Farm as they have rooms and cottages and other accommodation choices available.

view from the top leading to the beach area

the restaurant
 We took a tour of the farm first (PHP300 each) where guide carefully explained what they were doing in the farm and the plants they grow. 

He also led us to where they keep the bees, inside a manmade box that serves as their hives.
The guy also showed us how to handle the hives so as not to disturb the bees on it as they may ting.

the hives
Later on, they assisted us to hold the hives and take our pictures with it.


He also showed how they culture worms for their gardens.

yum yum yum!

The tour ended just in time for lunch. We were happily led to the restaurant where our pre-ordered food was already waiting for us.

really love the view from the top!

our group


pork with red rice

are these flowers edible?

As expected, the lunch served to us used the organic vegetables and plants, as well as some ingredients they grew in-house. As most items were fresh, we had a "healthy" lunch today.

Oh! Ethan fooled a lot of tourist (unintentionally) with the wooden snake he was holding. It sure scared a lot of foreign and local tourists alike.

Roshie, Ethan and Julie

me, Ethan and Roshie

After the farm we then we proceeded to BQ Mall to buy some local delicacies to take home like peanut kisses and stuffs before being dropped off at the airport.

Ethan's boarding pass, watermarked "Baby Jetsetter"

We had to wait for awhile at the airport as we arrived earlier than schedule. While waiting, Ethan was being entertained by the group performing at the airport.

At last, we were called to board just on time. The smiles on our faces cannot be wiped off that fast, after all, this is a very seldom event that we are all complete. We hope to have another time together again soon, when our schedules align.

Philippines written on the plane's fuselage

Ethan on the plane

As our plane started to descend towards Manila, I was excited to see our house in Cavite can actually be seen from above. Very cool!
I didn't mention anywhere in my posts these days that my mom and aunt who joined us in this trip are actually from the town of Dimiao, Bohol. Most of their relatives were scattered across the Philippines already and although we didn't have time to visit their hometown and meet some of their distant ones, for sure this trip has brought a lot of memories to both of them who have last time stepped on this island how many years back.