Monday, May 16, 2011

Looking for another Southeast Asian Trip!

Amidst back posts waiting to be published in the blogs, I've been thinking of having another quick getaway within Southeast Asia. It's been a while since I've been out for trips within the region, and I do hope to be on one soon. Why Southeast Asia you ask? Well from my perspective there could be a lot of reasons:
  • convenient, because most destinations just need a single flight coming from my home airport (MNL).
  • cheaper, this is relative but considering a lot of budget airlines in the region, flights tend to be cheaper. Even hotels, inns, or hostels are considerably cheap than, say, going to west of the world.
  • closer, that way, I don't have to take a long leave away from work. A quick getaway will do.

Also since, ASEAN countries have a treaty that doesn't require visa among its citizens, we are free to jump from one ASEAN country to another without hassle of paperwork.

Among the member countries, I've been to (in alphabetical order) Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. I've been wanting to, but haven't been yet to Brunei, Laos and Myanmar, because either I have no reason yet to go to or there is no direct flight from the country.

Actually I've been eyeing for a time already to be back in Thailand. Looking at my last trip to Bangkok and surrounding area, it was definitely a fun fun experience and although we have covered a lot at that time, there is still a lot of reasons to go back to. Looking at Bangkok flight deals and similar websites, makes me wonder and want to go, but still thinking. Hmmmm!

me, taken at Wat Arun