Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's all about TASTE and Bugis District

Rise up and shine! 4 hours of sleep or so is what we had and we're rising again for a beautiful morning. The sun rises later down in Singapore as what we're used to back in Manila. By 7:20AM of that day, the sun is still hidden and just about to show itself.

A lot of things has to be covered that day. In fact because we'll be in the city for just a couple of days, both of them will definitely be jam-packed, or so we thought. After taking a shower and freshing up, we immediately went down to the restaurant of the hotel where they serve breakfast. The name of the restaurant - It's all about TASTE, which I believe is standard across Ibis hotels around the globe.

I expected the breakfast to be so-so and light but lo and behold! I was surprised to see a full spread of breakfast items in front of me! Cereals, rice, noodles, congee, meat, fruits - it's the usual heavy breakfast we have in full service hotels.

breakfast in It's all about TASTE

What I had for breakfast was congee, bread sausage, bacons and empanada..

.. and to finish it off, some fruits (pineapple, melon and watermelon).

For that morning, we're supposed to meet a friend by around 9:00AM at the City Hall MRT station so we left right after breakfast so we still have time to explore around. On the way out, we passed by the other side of the hotel lobby, this time with a different set of cool nifty chairs.

The sun was already up when we left the hotel. With a map at hand, we breezed through the streets en route to an MRT train station.

The nearest MRT station to us is Bugis station. On our way, we chanced upon a weekend flea market in the Bugis district. Little did we realize that the district is just right behind our hotel! Items like fruits and fresh produce, clothings, hangers, and miscellaneous stuffs were up for selling. Some of the stalls were still setting up because it was still early at that time.

a vendor of food and drinks

flowers sold at the street

There are also places of worship along Waterloo street (behind our hotel). Described by a fellow Singaporean blogger Eunice, it is common in sight to see different sects of religion in harmony and peace. Here is Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple, dedicated to Kuan Yim, the goddess of mercy.

In front of the temple, a number of pigeons flock and stroll freely without anyone bothering them. At the back of my mind, if this was in Manila, I'm sure these pigeons will be scared off by the passers-by.

A few steps away and right next to it is Sri Krishnan, a Hindu temple dedicated to Vishnu.

One will be amazed to look at the beautiful details of carvings and inscriptions outside the temple.

Heading towards the MRT station, we passed by Bugis Street, an indoor flea market selling clothes and stuffs famous among the locals and visitors alike. However, since it was still early, the shops were still closed.

A few more walking and we finally reached Bugis station.

City Hall station is just next to Bugis station on the East West (Green) line of MRT. After paying SGD1.80, inclusive of SGD1 refundable upon returning the card, we went to the basement and boarded the train headed towards the direction of Joo Koon station.

Up next - nearby attractions and explorations around City Hall MRT station!


escape said...

wow! nasa singapore ka naman ngayon. enjoy! keep posting.

Jasper said...

@the donG - thanks! :) more to come!

International Mom said...

Hey, You might say you're a frustrated photographer, but you're pictures are great!!! It's like watching a video in slow motion.

Kikey Loo said...

dun envy me, u been to quite a lot of places too. :D

Anonymous said...

i just love your life...

kailan kaya ako magiging jetsetter na kagaya mo? jeepsetter lang ako eh, hahaha.

Vlado&Toni said...

beautiful pictures, this reminded me of our trip in singapore 9 years ago.. i think it's even there where we found this little chinese bakery.. yummy! unfortunately the girl at the counter couldn't speak english which was actually weird because most singaporeans do speak english..

eunice said...

You only came to SG for 2 days? So short??

Indeed, for the past few weeks, SG has been hot! The weather has turned even nastier in the past few days! Hot in the afternoon, yet very loud thunderstorm at night! My kitchen was splashed with dirty rainwater in the middle of the night even though the windows were only left opened a little.