Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lotte World

The morning of our fourth and final day in Seoul was easy and comfortable for us. We wake up late mid-morning, checked-out from our hotel before lunch time and headed to do our last destination in the city - the Lotte World. Accessible to the metro trains via Jamsil station.

me and Patrick O.

We decided to have an early lunch and saw Lotteria nearby. It seems to be a famous fast-food chain locally because we've seen a lot of these around the city so we gave it a try.

We ordered and was told to wait for our food in a table via this number. It is an electronic device that will light up once your order is ready to be served.

our food!

Then we proceeded to Lotte World.

At that time, we have our baggages but we were lucky that a stroller counter happily kept it for us and without a fee.

Further research revealed that Lotte World has the world's largest indoor park, recognized as a Guinness World Record.

main stage in the indoor park

There is also an outdoor amusement park called "Magic Island".

Outside, one can find a huge castle and lots of rides for adults. It seemed the indoor park is more family-oriented and outdoor park more for thrill-seekers.

crossing the bridge towards the castle entrance

at the back of the castle

Here are some photos of rides and around Magic Island. I did not go into any of the thrill rides as I have a problem with pulpitating heart and fear of heights.

.. well except the bump cars which are pretty much safe for me!



Patrick O. tried the Bungee Drop but the others were not for it anymore

Bungee Drop ride

We then went back inside to go around and tried the rides and shows inside.


We then went inside a theater to watch Fantastic Odyssey show..

We then went inside a theater to watch Fantastic Odyssey show..

me and the mascots

Before we left, we also entered an area where there was a butterfly garden and some flora and fauna in display.


small crabs

me and a butterfly

As we approach the exit, we saw a band marching to the grounds and a parade show was held.

It was fun being at this theme park, but it was heartwarming to see these kids playing
around and happy. Brings back childhood memories!

And then it's time for us to leave. We went to collect our bags and immediately left the premises, heading to the airport.

outside Lotte World

As we exit and head to the airport, all of us were tired but it has been a fun day nonetheless. We took the train going to Gimpo Airport station and then the Airport Express going to Incheon International Airport.

tube walkway at Incheon International Airport

me and Julie on the way home

The flight back to Manila departed as scheduled late that evening at 9:35PM, leaving behind us fun memories of a quick getaway to a city we fell in love with just by seeing the scenes in TV shows.


mhel said...

Love your post. Is it easy and safe to roam around the city on your own? Or should I go for a guided tour?

Jasper said...

pretty much very safe! i believe it's only once that we took a cab (the first day to Lotte Hotel) and all other times via subway and buses.

we took a tour to DMZ though for convenience sake

Ian | GoingRoamingWandering said...

It's not difficult to roam around Seoul even there is language barriers with the locals. Buses have designated numbers for destination so you won't be lost, subways are also tourists friendly and useful as most stations are near the places of interests in the city plus street shopping and haggling bargain Seoul is not difficult conversing with local... you'll definitely talked thru calculator or by saying "manon, manon" means 10,000 WON only