Sunday, October 4, 2009

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

Coming from Osaka Castle Park, I took the train from Moromiya station to Osakako station (JPY270). Walking distance from the station are a few attractions including a ferris wheel and aquarium said to be one of the largest in the world.

The Tempozan Ferris Wheel, located at Tempozan Harbor Village, offers view of Osaka Bay and the surrounding areas, for JPY700. I didn't came for this however and since I'm afraid of heights, I didn't dare try it. I came for the attraction sitting next to it.

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan boasts of different aquatic displays housed on two buildings

There was some sort of a program when I arrived so there was a number of people on its outside grounds.


I went straight to the counter and purchased tickets (JPY2000 adults, JPY900 children, JPY400 infants) and went inside to see the displays.

True to its claims, it was a massive display of marine life! Everything was divided into 16 exhibits with the overall team of Ring of Fire and Ring of Life.

Some of the displays in the exhibits that caught my attention:

sea otters

California sea lion

Penguins! I'm very facinated of their existence and have always wanted to come close to one! There were king penguins, gentoo penguins and rockhopper penguins housed here according to their official website.

me and the penguins!

other displays in the exhibits

Ocean Sunfish. Browsing through the official site later on made me realize this is one of the most popular attractions here.


jellyfishes that glows in the dark

What I thought would be just another experience turned out to be very good and exciting even for an adult like me! It is worth visiting for both kids and grown-ups alike!

After the aquarium, I decided to hang around Tempozan Harbor Village for some resting.

Beautiful pathways like these reminds me of scens in movies and TV series.

me, at the sidewalk

Just merely sitting and doing people-watching, I've seen a number of teens (or so they look like they are) dressed in costumes mimicking their favorite anime characters like these. It was like seeing cosplay everywhere!

A few more minutes of resting, I was energized and off I went again to another spot!

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