Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Flag-Raising Ceremonies at Golden Bauhinia Square

We woke up earlier today to catch the flag-raising ceremonies at the Golden Bauhinia Square in front of the convention center.
Golden Bauhinia Square with the Hong Kong International Convention and Exhibition Centre at the backdrop
At around 8AM, a band marched on the streets leading to Golden Bauhinia Square, triggering the start of the flag raising ceremonies.
leading the marching band
This was followed by a group of uniformed personnel marching, with one holding the flag.
turning towards the flagpole
Then they stopped at position in front of the flagpole. Later then music flew through the air and the flag-raising started.
the flags of China and Hong Kong being raised
the personnel standing firmly after flag were raised for a brief moment
Then the group started to march out, leaving the area.
Today is also the 13th anniversary of the transfer of sovereignty of Hong Kong from United Kingdom to China. Not sure if the flag raising was special at that time or the usual one they do daily as there were a few mediamen on the ground. The ceremony was rather short but still a sight to see, specially for us staying in the hotel just a few minutes walk from here.
After then we proceeded to the Executive Lounge to have our last breakfast before we checkout from the hotel that morning.

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