Monday, November 28, 2011

Bumming in Alona Beach

Today is reserved for beach-bumming and we intentionally didn't set any agenda so we can take a rest from the grueling activities yesterday and get ready for tomorrow's. Our plan is just to stay in the room and take a dip at the beach if we please to.
We are staying in Alona Beach, a short 1.5km strip of white sand beach area in Panglao island, Bohol. The place looks very nice and welcoming although I wished they clean the area along beach side and the water more frequently to attract more tourists.

As we woke up early this morning we had breakfast first before hitting the beach. It is nice to take a dip early in the morning while the sun is not yet fully out and the weather outside is not yet so hot.

Ethan of course had fun playing with the sand and wading through the water. We began to feel like Ethan is the only one having a grand vacation and all of us were at his mercy to serve him. LOL.

Ethan and my dad "bonding moments"
 Roshie and Ethan

We are currently staying at Trudis' Place Restaurant and Apartelle, among the cheaper options for accommodations that is beach front as the other places were actually 3 stars and above hotels.
dining area across the apartelle

For this trip, we booked for 5 rooms at the apartelle. 3 deluxe rooms (ocean view rooms, PHP2690 per night) and 2 standard rooms (garden view rooms PHP1935 per night). As we were a big group, they gave us a few discount for the rooms. Breakfast is included in the room rate with a choice among the items found in their breakfast menu.

Roshie, Ethan and I stayed at a deluxe room. There was a queen-sized bed, TV, air-conditioning, toilet and bath with hot/cold shower.

Each room has its own balcony too. As we got an ocean view room, naturally ours is facing the sea.

our view from the balcony

Most of our meals were taken at the restaurant Trudis' Place so far as it is actually one of the well-known restaurants in the area for good food and reasonable place so we're happy that we didn't have to look around for place to eat. I checked out some of the restaurants last night but still went back in Trudis' Place as some had exorbitant prices for a big group like ours.

After lunch, we continued to explore Alona Beach, this timing walking to the other side of the white sand strip.

Roshie and Ethan

Ethan playing around

The place is really such a beauty! We spent most of the afternoon just bumming around and taking some dips at the beach. In between we had some rest since our apartelle is just a short walk away.

Ethan playing with the sand again

 Ethan enjoying the water

For snacks, we had pizza at a restaurant along the beach (forgot to take the name). But for dinner, we were back in Trudis' Place again.

Ethan didn't make it to dinner tonight. After all the play and activity he did today, he was so tired that he eventually fell asleep early evening.
Most of us did the same, and we were in our rooms early tonight after a day-long beach bumming here in Alona beach. Tomorrow will be another day and we look forward to our next activities.


Lakad Pilipinas said...

If you liked Alona, I'm sure you'll like the beach at Bolod better. Try nyo rin next time :)

Ervin Malicdem said...

Great Bohol experience you got here, Jasper!