Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Around Taipei

Breakfast is included in our room rate in Yomi Hotel. The restaurant is located at the basement level and is quite small so expect to share tables during peak time. Breakfast served was just enough to keep our stomachs filled like salad, a few selections of hot meat, rice and some vegetables. They also serve fruits and some sweets sometimes with free flowing coffee, hot tea, iced tea or juices. I know this is not the usual fare we had in high-end hotels but since this is a leisure stay and for the price we paid, then it's just as expected or actually a bit above as I expected worse to have my meal plated with small portions.
After breakfast we walked over MRT Shuanglian station bound for Taipei City Hall station. From Taipei City Hall station, we followed the signs leading to the exit where we waited for a free shuttle bus that took us to Taipei 101.
Taipei 101 is an iconic skyscraper of Taiwan. It previously held the title of being the tallest building in the world when it was completed but was surpassed recently by Burj Dubai. In my visit 2 years ago with my mom, we went up to the observatory level of the tower.
LOVE sculpture outside Taipei 101
with Ethan and Roshie
We went inside the Taipei 101. There were shops, albeit upscale, inside the mall leading to the ticket office going to the observatory level.
Honestly, when some of us saw the prices of the ticket to go up (TWD450), they felt it wasn't worth it. For me it was okay, but since I've been up there before, then I went with the group not to go up the observatory level anymore.
me Ethan and the Damper Baby
We then instead went to Modern Toilet to have lunch, by taking the same route back to MRT and getting on the train again on the way to Ximen station. From there we tried to follow the path we did 2 years back to reach the place.
We were seated at the third floor this time. As the name implies, the restaurant is themed after, ehrr, a toilet. Dining seats were actually toilet seats modified for comfort and the table is actually a bathtub with a glass top, and there is a shower head on the wall.

Food were served in different containers reminding us of the place - toilet. Roshie had an order of beef curry served in a bowl mimicking a toilet bowl.
my order - seafood hotpot
breaded chicken, the most normal-looking served to us today in a sink-looking dish 
another dish served in a small bath-tub shape bowl
my drink was served in a urinal!
Ethan amazed by all these big things at the table
okay, that is a bit foul! :P
All of our meals included soft-ice cream served in what look like a floor toilet bowl.
Roshie enjoying her ice cream
Even Ethan had his own set of likings. He went inside a toilet bowl and began to drink his milk!
I sure hope he's not doing it, is he?
inside Modern Toilet
By the way, my mom, Jairus and Quin will be leaving for Manila past midnight tonight so they are enjoying the fullest of their last hours here in Taipei. After lunch, we went to Wufenpu, a clothing wholesale market, by taking the MRT to Houshanpi station and walking towards the market.
My mom, Jairus and Quin just left as I write this blog. It's our turn tomorrow night to go head back to the airport for our flight back to Manila, but before then, we'll take some rest tonight for another packed journey in the city tomorrow.

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