Thursday, October 27, 2011

Downgraded food service from PR?

Earlier this week, I had my first chance of flying Philippine Airlines after the hiatus around flight cancellations due to employee strikes condemning the (already started effective October 1) outsourcing plans of ground crew (Sky Logistics), in-flight meals (Sky Kitchen) and call center operations (SPI).

One of the things I always look forward to for PR flights is the hot meal service. I was surprised and it indeed was my first time to receive a box from the flight attendant.

The box contained two set of salted crackers, pack of dried mixed fruits, caramel bar and utensils. We were offered no choice in food (they used to offer choice between meat and fish or sometimes between two types of meat) and was served with a "chicken inasal". If you've been following my posts where I usually show what they served me at certain flight, this one is definitely smaller and thinner (realize the relative size by comparing with the crackers and caramel bar, if you know them).

Don't take this post negatively. I'm not actually whining that this is just what they have served at that flight. I'm just surprised that the usual amenities and effects were gone amidst the time when PR is luring its loyal customers back after what have happened. I sure do hope this is not part of the cost cutting measures and that it is only temporary or isolated. Did I mention I was still hungry later in the flight because of that dinner serving size? :)


Ian | GoingRoamingWandering said...

Hey, where have you been lately? I also experienced the same "lunch-box" on my first flight on PAL after the outsourcing period just this week only... and it was a what-happened moment. The FA told us that the airline is still in transition period that's why and it will return once PAL recovers... (recover from billions of lost actually during the strike period)

For me, its a downgrade service, no meal choice and full of cracker meal? No duty-free service as well. I had the same chicken meal outbound Manila. I didn't know it was inasal, its tasteless.

Jasper said...

@Ian - how are you bro? yeah it was really a downgrade. not sure on the chicken but FA was telling us it was inasal. oh well

yeah i didn't notice that there were no duty free items until you pointed it out

chino said...

it was no longer the same as it was before.. hahaha

Jasper said...

@chino - oh yeah, not at all, sad to say

biyachessa said...

When I was younger, I always thought plane food looked so delicious. Then I experienced international flights and the food was terrible. When I experienced domestic flights - oh wait, they barely had any food there!


tndcallphilippines said...

definitely hope there's been an improvement in food portion. This is the country's flag carrier after all. :(