Monday, September 24, 2012

Gluttony at Vikings

Had a chance to finally try out Vikings tonight with my mom, Roshie and Ethan. I've heard a lot of raves from others who have tried dining here so we gave it a shot tonight as we are staying just nearby for a couple of nights.
It is just around 6PM but the restaurant is already full. In fact we were number 32 (they were serving 10 when we listed) and there really were groups in front of us. They even had a waiting area, serving popcorn, to appease the diners from long waiting time. They even have waiters serve beverages from time to time, or I believe you can get inside too as the small sign at the waiting area states that beverages are inside.
It took us around 80 minutes before we were finally seated. My mom was actually bored and wanted to backed out earlier but I thought since we were already seated and waited for some time already, might as well push it. There were lots of areas for dining inside. As their website states, the restaurant can seat 600 comfortably inside.
True to the testimonies of other diners, there were lots of sections for food selection to everyone's delight. Japanese, steaks, ribs, seafood, pasta, pizza, Filipino, Chinese, etc. Not to mention beverages, deserts, ice cream, shakes and whole lot more that it was actually confusing for me as I wanted to try a lot of things. I bet in can rival (in terms of number of food) Makati Shangri-La's Circles restaurant.
my first plate
In the end, I think I had at least 3 plate servings before I surrendered. Quality of food is okay for the price (can rival those in hotels), it's just that the place is so packed and food areas are a bit cramped and separated that it may take time to get food and back to your table.
Currently, adult diners of the buffet restaurant would set you back PHP688+ for weekday lunch, PHP888 for weekday dinner or PHP1088+ for weekend lunch or dinner.
Vikings is located at Building B, By The Bay in Seaside Boulevard, just behind SM Mall of Asia. It is one of those restaurants on the far end (right side when you are facing Manila bay), near Esplanade. This is not a paid advertisement of any sort as we paid for the meal :)

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