Sunday, February 2, 2014

Finally... Boracay de Cavite!

This place is fondly referred to as Boracay de Cavite by visitors. Officially, it is called Katungkulan Beach Resort - located inside Gen. Gregorio Lim Marine Base, a military camp in Ternate, Cavite which is roughly an hour away from our place in Kawit. As it is inside a marine base, security is quite obvious and a few rules has to be followed, like off-limit areas and restriction in photography in some places.

We went here today, paid PHP100 per person as entrance fee and an additional PHP50 for our vehicle entrance/parking. Each person was asked to alight the car and walk thru the gate. Following the signs, from the gate we drove a few minutes until we reached the beach area.

At around 7AM, there were already a number of people by the beach. Turns out, a number of them have camped overnight which is allowed, although more of the visitors are daytrippers like us.

My first impression was that it really wasn't as white like a number of blog post I've seen over the internet. It is grayish-brown but the sand is indeed very fine and soft and felt good to step to. The water is very clear, calm and serene.

It took some time for us to be settled as the person whom we can coordinate with regarding cottage rentals wasn't available. After half an hour of waiting, we decided to get into one that is vacant before everyone else does (as there were only a few left with a good location) and will just pay with the personnel when he's around. We paid PHP350 for a day's use of the cottage.

There are also areas available for grilling and can be used by visitors (bring your own charcoal or buy from the store nearby).

There is also a big hall available for rental for larger groups.

Excited as always, Ethan went straight for swim as soon as we settled. He was happily playing with the sand and water by the shore.

The cottage on the left is similar to the one we have rented today. Even if there is a lot of cottages in the area, most of them were already occupied by the time we came.

There were also more premium cottages available for rent, and more near to the proximity of the beach but none is available so we didn't get a chance to inquire how much it costs.

Tents can also be pitched and as I understand is free (bring your own of course).

On a far side, and can be seen from this picture are some rooms that are available for rental. There are also other rooms available for rental near the entrance but they were all full today.

view of the place from the water

By mid-day, when the sun is out and about, the beauty of the whole place is very evident and as deceiving as it may seem, the sand indeed looks white when sun is shining bright.

One major problem today however was that the pump wasn't working as such, the comfort rooms were dirty and beach-goers were relying on a small water line just outside the restroom and there was a line most of the time. We had to resort to buying a 5-gallon purified water instead so that we can wash ourselves and take a quick bath. I hope this doesn't happen frequently.

another view of the beach

We came ready with meat for grilling, snacks to munch on and cooled drinks. It was just unfortunate that the water situation was killing what was supposed to be a good time for our family. Right after lunch we left the place but we hope to be back again one day, knowing the proximity of this beach from our place, but hoping things will be better then.

I would still recommend the place to my friends who are looking for a quick getaway - simple, picnic-style and affordable as compared to the other resorts in the area. Overall the beach itself is well-kept and clean, and the beauty of the place is something I would look forward to keep coming back to.

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