Friday, August 14, 2009

Operational Excellence Training Day 3 and around Microsoft campus

The training continued on Day 3 and for lunch, I ate again in Cafe 9, this time having Asian noodles.

After class, I have an hour to spare before the scheduled meeting time with Johnny inside the campus so I spent it walking and strolling around the grounds and reliving the times I was previously here.

I passed by some of football fields and was wondering why there are lots inside the campus scattered, 3 of which I saw just within that hour.

A marker that states: "Everytime a product ships, it takes us one step closer to the vision: A computer on every desk and in every home. In recognition of the many Microsoft people who have designed, built, and supported our products."

I met up later on with Johnny at Building 22 to crash a party hosted for them by the Sharepoint team.

This is the room where they had their training. In comparison to us, their group is at least twice more than ours that week.

I envy the "amenities" inside their building though. Aside from the computers used for laboratories and entertainment facilities like the XBox consoles, they had a freezer containing ice cream and popsicle sticks. Usually the ice creams get consumed first and since it was late already, all that was left were the sticks. Well, still better having those than nothing!

popsicle stick!!

And to talk about food.. they served barbecued ribs that evening - a choice of pork or beef. I had both.

A hefty serving of pork and beef barbecued ribs and potato on the sidings! That's a heavy dinner!

I met a few Sharepoint gurus that night and finally saw a friend Eric, who is now based in Redmond, Washington. A fun night, nice dinner, and unlimited booze - a nice way to end the day but ours didn't end here yet. Eric and his wife offered to take us around and that's where we're heading to next.

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aceychan said...

what a cute name for a place! i have trouble pronouncing it, though. looks like you were well-fed, too! i'm green with envy. :D