Friday, August 28, 2009


I know I just came from a quick weekend getaway trip to Puerto Princesa City last week but it was a 4-day long weekend just after that so I wasn’t able to resist the invitation of friends for another one. This next trip which we started today (August 28, 2009) was booked months ago during an introductory promo fare of Cebu Pacific for its newly installed Manila – Incheon (Seoul) route. The roundtrip airfare for each passenger was only PHP7037 inclusive of all collectible taxes, minus the ones collected at the airport terminal (Philippine Travel Tax - PHP1620 and Terminal and Security Fee - PHP 750). Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 has been opened for almost a year already but it was my first flight out from this recently-operational terminal. Along with my friends Patrick O. and Patrick M., also together with my sister Julie, we were at the Terminal 3 this afternoon for our Manila - Incheon flight via 5J 194.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been in a Cebu Pacific flight, more so, on an international one. Last time I remember was for a trip to Kuala Lumpur to attend the Tech·Ed SEA 2007 conference where Julie and I extended afterwards when my mom and brother joined us along.

Patrick O., Patrick M. and Julie on one aisle. I was alone at the other side. sigh!

papers, papers, papers!.. and pen! forms to fill up for disembarkation purposes.

The plane took off on time on its published 3:55PM schedule. It was actually a full flight consisting of mostly Koreans returning home from vacation and some Filipinos taking advantage of the long weekend like we did.

my ever reliable Zune 4GB - a constant companion whenever I travel, especially when I am alone. useful and kept me entertained throughout the almost 5-hour flight.

We arrived in Incheon Airport and got out before 9:00PM. Our plan was to take public transportation as much as we could and as soon as we arrived, cleared the immigrations and customs, we headed for the Airport Express (AREX) train that took us to Gimpo Airport station (fare KRW3200) where we transferred for the purple line (5).

Buying the ticket was confusing at first. We saw the line of vending machines and we were both amazed and lost as we navigated through the system. A few more trial and errors and we were able to get our individual single journey tickets all the way to Jongno 3 (Sam) station (KRW4500 plus KRW 500 card deposit).

single journey ticket

The whole journey from the airport to where we will be staying took almost a total two hours, including transit, waiting and walking time. We entertained ourselves by talking about what to do during the trip and making faces with our cameras.

me and my sister Julie

Patrick O. and Patrick M., or simply "the Patricks"

group picture

I took this shot of the train line guide for us to know where we will go and to help me count the number of stations before we alight rather than standing up and again. This is something that I usually do whenever I travel a foreign country and intend to use public transportation a lot.

Our accommodation for that long weekend was booked at Yim’s House, an economy yet decent hotel in Seoul around 5-minutes walk from Jongno 3 (Sam) station.

reception area of Yim's House

Julie and I shared room while the Patricks shared another. This is the room where we stayed - there was a queen-sized bed, more like a matrimonial bed. It appears that the hotel staff thought that Julie and I were married. Anyways, we didn’t complain for it was a nice room - neat and comfy.

There was a "staging area" where we can leave our footwear. It separated the bedroom from the comfort room.

comfort room with half-tub

The Patricks room were just beside ours. They got a double mattress that is almost literally flat on the floor.

Our hunger were getting worse us by that time. It was past 11:00PM and we haven’t had our dinner yet. We decided to walk back nearby the Jongno 3 (Sam) station, look for a place to eat and then saw this fast food was still open by almost midnight.


Julie and me

I’m not sure about the name of the food I ordered but basically it was beef with rice served with some vegetables on a hot sizzling plate.


Patrick O.'s food was so hot and spicy that he can't do anything to control his sweating! It was good food according to him!

Basically we hit the grocery for some food and stuffs right after and then decided to sleep right after so we can get ready for our activities the next day. The following morning, this was my breakfast – noodle soup and a cup of Starbucks Paris coffee.

Yim’s House facade in the morning

These are all just start of this wonderful journey in this foreign land we’ve always seen on TV and ever wanted to visit.


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nagutom ako sa post mo. parang gusto ko tuloy kumain ng mami, ahha.

Jasper said...

@lee - gusto mo ng mainit na mami? hihi

Ian | GoingRoamingWandering said...

i can see Kimchi the in the sidings...

mhel said...

I'm envious. I want to go to Seoul! :)

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pang backpack talaga tong mga picture mo.. ayos!


I really like your photos. Might visit Jeonju Province some time this year. My gf lives there. Thanks for sharing.

Biyaheng Pinoy

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Wow... Soul of Asia!

But you did not go to Namsan Tower/Mountain? ~~^^