Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Walking on Dotonbori and Osaka Shinsekai

Dotonbori, is a popular destination street in Osaka to both locals and tourist. Here is where you can find a number of restaurants and entertainment establishments all close together.

Minutes after I arrived at the hotel from Universal Studios Japan, I found myself on the go again, taking train to Nippombashi station from Dobutsuen-mae (JPY200).

Here are some of the things I saw in Dotonbori:

Plates Dotonbori Hotel Gloria

Krani Doraku (crab restaurant on the left) and other restaurants


floating blowfish lantern


Walking further, I arrived at Osaka Shinsekai where Tsutenkaku Tower, an observatory tower is located. This is the second generation of the tower as the first was destroyed during war. The original tower is similar to Eiffel Tower.

more restaurants in Shinsekai

another floating blowfish

another view of the Tsutenkaku Tower

After having dinner at a fast food (Yoshinoya), I headed back to the hotel (by walking) and took a deep rest. It was just my second day and I have already covered a lot! Looking forward for Day 3 in the city!


eunice said...

superb night scenes! remind me of the anime "Spirited Away"!

p.s: that post "europe trip where to start" is an ad from the advertiser.. u can ignore that one hehe

eunice said...

oh u went Universal Studios in Japan? I wonder how it compares with the one in Singapore which I think is definitely smaller...

Jasper said...

@eunice - oh it's an ad.. hehe so many sponsors now huh?

Ian | GoingRoamingWandering said...

the last pic is a perfect picture of Osaka... it could land in travel magazine covers.

Jasper said...

@ian - thanks bro! :)

eljay said...

HI! I really like to go to Japan so I have a few questions.
When you booked your flight, did you also book for the hotel and tour? How were you able to get a VISA? Because some people say that it is difficult to have a tourist visa for Japan.

Jasper said...

@eljay - i just booked for flight. i booked the hotel separately via website. for visa, i lodged my application via official processing centers of the embassy