Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Helmet Diving in Boracay

Helmet diving, as they fondly call it in Boracay island, or more formally known as surface-supplied diving, refers to the diving from a platform which supplies air to divers via a tube or cord (from the surface) down to underwater.

In my recent Boracay trip, we took the service of NIS Reefwalker for this (PHP2400, inclusive of diving for 2 persons and pictures). On our last day in the island, we took a speedboat early that morning that took us to the a platform for us to go down.

the floating structure

There was a few minutes of briefing on how to wear the helmet, as well as about hand signals and coordinations with the guide. We climbed down the ladder from the other side to go to the bottom (about 20 feet from surface).

The guide also served as the photographer. He asked us to squat, sit, do push-up position and and other stuffs at the bottom of the sea. Here are some pictures taken from underwater.

It was a mere 15 minutes of experience but it has been very nice and it's beautiful to interact (by feeding) the fishes down below. Too bad there weren't much fishes at that time than usual due to timing and current.

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