Monday, November 30, 2009

Leaving Shanghai

Today is our last day in Shanghai. I am writing this post as we wait for our flight back to Manila, taking into account our final activities in the city. Morning was spent mostly on last-minute shopping back in Nanjing East Road. It wasn't as crowded as it was yesterday since it is weekday.

We walked down further the road to the other side and visited the shops there as we haven't reached that part yesterday. Most of the shops open at 9:00am or 10:00am so we only got a couple of hours to breeze in and out the place.

We then hurried back to the hotel, squeezed the stuff we just bought on our packed backs and took a cab to Longyang Road trains station for our flight back to Manila. On the way, we passed by these place and thought it might be of interest.

Why Longyang Road station you ask? It is because that is our jump point for the Shanghai Maglev Train, the first commercial magnetic levitation (maglev) train to operate in the world.

Tickets were RMB40 each (showing our discount coupon, RMB50 regular for oneway). A bit pricey but yes, we're only in for the experience.

the ticket

Interval of trains in the day is every 15 minutes and every 20 minutes at night. Better check out their website for latest updates on the schedule.

There were not much passengers on the train, we were free to move around the train and choose the seats to our delight.

431 kilometers per hour, that is the fastest operational speed (commercially) of this train. Now that is fast!


The trip took only 7.5 minutes traversing the 30km line from Longyang Road station to the Airport station.


welcome sign to Shanghai Pudong airport

And then we were already at the airport. Sad to go but as I always say, it's time to go back to reality again and every journey has its end.

So as we are sitting here waiting for our flight, we are hungry for we haven't had lunch yet so we are having a quick snack of noodles and clubhouse sandwiches. The experience we had in Shanghai is unforgettable and we are definitely looking forward to coming back to the city. In the meantime, I'm dreading towards flying Econolight again in a few minutes. Sheeez!

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