Thursday, March 1, 2012

Family day in Thailand

As mentioned yesterday, I am today on leave for a 1-day extension in Thailand to be with my family. We had breakfast in the morning at Café@2 before heading out of the hotel. 

Today is reserved for our trip to Dream World, at the request of Roshie to have a tour for Ethan instead of going around the cultural and tourist spots in Thailand. I still remember the time I went to Dream World with my mom and Julie, and we sure had loads of fun back then. We were picked-up from our hotel lobby minutes past 9AM. Like last time, we took advantage of their package that included entrances to Dream World (unlimited rides) and Snow Town, buffet lunch and roundtrip transfers to/from our hotel all for THB1000. As Ethan was below 90cm, he got in for free. The theme park is located north of Bangkok.

The park was still closed when we arrived at the theme park, which is about 40 or so minutes Bangkok. Luckily, Ethan was still asleep then as he grew tired playing with another kid on-board the van.

He wasn't very happy either as just 30 minutes after, he was already awake!

Like before, one can notice that a lot of areas inside the park is actually good for posing ant taking pictures.

Love Garden

We took the cable car first to bring us further inside the park.

view from the cable car ride

Whenever you see a sign similar to this, that means a toilet (or comfort room) is nearby. It just looks so cute specially the facial expression of the baby statue.

Ethan and the toilet boy

Walking further we happened to pass by the signage leading to the dining area. Ethan must have thought the bee character is Jollibee so he stopped to play with the statue.

Then we went inside the Giant's House, where everything is so massive! From the chair, to the bed and other household items, only a giant can fit to use all these!

giant chair

the giant, spleeping at his bed

giant table

the kitchen area

inside the giant's shoes





me, with the giant's slippers


sleeping giant.. zzz...

Outside is a (fictional) small tree with a large apple fruit.


me and Ethan at a sunflower garden

Dream World drink
Fairy Tale Land

We literally have walked back and forth that we reached the cable car station again. We had another ride back to the inner grounds.

There was an Animal Show too at Uncle Tom's Farm during lunch hour.

Ethan focused, watching the show

Then we walked around some more, passing and getting inside different attractions inside the park.

Around 1PM, we grew hungry and went to the Food Pavilion where the buffet lunch included in our package was served. Drinks is not included however, but they had enough hot meat and vegetable selections, as well as a noodle and salad station. There were a few rice cakes and sweets for desert too.
After this, we continued to roam around and Roshie had her try on some of the thrill rides like the Flying Carpet ride while me and Ethan posed for some photos.

Next, we went to Snow Town. It's like winter inside and they have snow machines and indeed it was cold that we have to wear winter jackets and boots.

Ethan, all geared up!

all smiles with the penguins!

Roshie and Ethan at the igloo

me and Ethan and the snow bear

feeling too cold!!

Roshie went for the "slide" where she carried a tube and glided down along the snowy slide to the bottom.

sleigh ride

with the snowman

I think Ethan was shocked inside Snow Town as just a few minutes after we got in he became quiet and wasn't moving a lot so we immediately left the place after just taking a few photos. We had him under the sun so he can "melt" the coldness inside and found this spot. He looks serious playing cards with the skeletons!

me and Ethan

pulling out the sword

Ethan and Roshie

Then roamed around the Seven Wonders of the World but my camera went out of battery. Anyway, we heard our names being paged so we immediately went to the entrance area. It was time to leave as we were scheduled to be brought by the van back at 3:30PM. By 4:30PM today, we were already in our hotel room, taking some rest from the whole filled day under the sun.

me and Roshie, with our couple shirts

Playing with Ethan, I also hit the tub so I can relax and wash myself after the long hot day outside.

After the tub, as if he wasn't tired yet, we headed for the Jacuzzi and pool at the 7th floor of the hotel.
boy, isn't he so happy?

Roshie and Ethan, swimming together
pool area

playing by the poolside

happy baby! 
We had dinner at Super Bowl after this dip, located just downstairs at the adjacent mall before we pack our stuff for tomorrow's flight and prepared ourselves to go for sleep tonight

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