Monday, August 25, 2014

A water park made of toy bricks - LEGOLAND Water Park in Malaysia

Part of our day tour from Singapore to LEGOLAND in Johor Bahru, Malaysia today was to have some water activities. LEGOLAND Water Park is situated inside the same estates of the theme park and the hotel so we had a couple of hours before our trip back to Singapore to have fun on the pool and slides.

LEGOLAND Water Park was an optional add-on to our trip and since my son is eager to go swimming again, we decided to go here as well. The water park is accessible even to those who do not plan to go to the theme park and requires a separate ticket. Inside slides of all sizes, rafts, floaters and all can be found which is quite amusing as it still is patterned to toy bricks living into its name.

We had fun at Build-A-Raft River where a lot of kids were having fun building their own rafts using big floating toy brick pieces.

Once you're done and good to go, you just go and catch a floater or use your built raft and let the flow of water take you around like a lazy pool.

There's also the LEGO Wave Pool where swimmers may be able to experience slight waves while dipping and relaxing in the pool.

There were also a number of slides available at the water park both for adults and kids alike.

Food were also available at the water park (but not on the swimming pool of course) so before we headed back to Singapore, we grabbed some food to eat (and took a few on the way) as we ended our quick day tour in LEGOLAND.

It was a hasty trip covering both LEGOLAND Theme Park and Water park and I wish we had more time. Have I known that border crossing from Singapore to Malaysia will take some time, we should have taken the earliest bus going to Malaysia and last bus back to Singapore to maximize our time here. If there will be next time, perhaps I'll consider staying in LEGOLAND Hotel for a night.

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