Saturday, August 15, 2009

Quick trip to Snoqualmie

During a casual discussion with Eric at the Sharepoint team-hosted barbecue dinner, a colleague based in Redmond, he learned that Johnny and I haven't been around anywhere yet and he offered to take us that night around his hometown - Snoqualmie, Washington.

Whenever I hear of the place Snoqualmie, the first thing that comes to my mind is Snoqualmie Falls. The 268 feet tall waterfalls is an iconic landmark of the state but I never got the chance to come here until that day.

A majestic view with serene surroundings at the bottom of the falls are two hydroelectric power plants built in 1898 and 1910 respectively.

Right after, we drove to the nearby Snoqualmie Depot which is part of the Northwest Railway Museum. We're happy to see a couple of heritage trains at the railroad right in front of it at the time we were there.


Across the depot is the city hall, the smallest I've seen anywhere so far. It looks like one of those old town-style buildings. In fact, the surrounding establishments are also preserved or designed like to be old-style. As of today, they have ready to move to a newly constructed city hall building by September 2009.

other buildings in the area

For dinner, we went to Mike's Cascade Grill, located also in Snoqualmie after dropping by a few minutes in Eric's house and meeting his kids.

outside the restaurant

Inside, it is the usual at-home feel sit-down and casual restaurant.

beer glasses, featuring the logos of Seattle Seahawks and Seattle Mariners, the official American Football and Baseball teams of the city of Seattle

We had clams for starters, creamy and yummy!

I was already full at that time so I just got a light meal BLT (bacon, lettuce, tomato) sandwich served with chowder.

Another successful day and sidetrip again. It was totally unexpected but nevertheless, we were very grateful that we had Eric to take us around and let us experience all these unplanned activities which turned out great!

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eunice said...

cool man, u r back in the States! I will certainly miss Asian food if I stay there for too long LOL