Friday, November 27, 2009

Shanghai Acrobatic Show

We have heard about Shanghai acrobatic shows and troops before but we didn't make any arrangements to see one live while we were in the city. In fact we've seen it on TV and I found it just okay watching from the tube box. Because of the recommendation of our tour guide, who even committed on money-back guarantee if we didn't enjoy it, we arranged through him to watch an acrobatic show in Shanghai (CNY 200 each, inclusive of transfers to and from hotel). The one we went to tonight was in Yun Feng Theatre. There was a crowd waiting outside when we came, half of them seem to be from tour groups.

Entering the hall, there's a waiting area inside and we stayed there before the show instead. We bought a couple of snacks and drinks because we haven't had dinner yet (just appetizers served during cocktail hours from the hotel executive lounge). Anyway there were seat assignment so no need to rush inside.

It was a huge theatre that could seat around a couple of thousands I think, and we were seated at the 5th row but at the far right so the view is on an angle.

Minutes later, a lady went on the stage and a voice was heard welcoming all guests and viewers to the show. At this point I realized that the theatre wasn't that full and there are vacant seats with better view so we followed the steps of other viewers and moved to better seats.

And then the show started! Here are some pictures I took during the show. I'm glad they allowed cameras (or at least I saw many other guest doing the same thing!). This is not comprehensive and I may have skipped some acts, pardon me if that's the case. For other pictures, see my multiply site (link below).

First act was pole climbing..

.. and then a girl went out and showed the crowd how flexible her body is.

She began to stand on her hands and began to bend her body..

.. but I didn't thought he will go as far as this! Scary!

Then the balancing act. She was balancing one glass decor on her feet..

.. then later, both her hands and feet, and even her mouth and forehead was balancing one!

Next was jumping into hoops..

.. then the hoops became double layer..

.. later on the hoops became taller..

.. and taller!

The next act showcased balancing spinning plates over sticks..

.. and then they began to show bend their bodies..

.. and walk over shoulders as the group was walking to a direction!

Finally, the tower of balancers gets higher!

The curtain closed and this time the act was balancing on chairs..

.. of course the crowd wouldn't be happy if it doesn't go higher..

.. higher..

and higher!

Scary and dangerous stint, but nevertheless, it wowed the crowd watching!

Then another girl went out playing with hoops. It started with a few hoops here and there..

.. then there's more!

Then she paused for a while..

.. holded the hoops again..

.. bent a bit and began doing hoola hoops again!

But then again, for this performer, it is possible to have more hoops!

A group of guys came out after juggling with straw hats.

There's a solo performer..

..and a small group of jugglers switching hats among themselves!

Next was playing of diabol.

Then they formed a human tower, still playing diabol.

There's also throwing of diabol then catching from far!

Then this girl emerged, doing one-hand balancing.

The next act was about a couple, dancing and moving with the love song playing at the background.

There was a rope at the top which they used for their act.

Wrapped up using the ropes they began "flying" over the stage, in sync with the music.

Next was a group of bicyclers.

Of course, you expected to see a balancing act on a moving bike right?

More balancing act of the cyclers.

Then a guy showcased his ability to balance on cylinder pipes and drum.

And again, the crowd wouldn't be satisfied if the ante would not go higher!

finishing jump!

The last act was another dangerous one, they brought out a giant spear and let one motorcycle inside to circle around, up and down, 360 degrees, and upside down.

Then there were two of them inside!

Still not contented, another rider came in..

.. and then there were three!

The three circled around for quite some time..

.. and I thought that was it, until they had a fourth one enter and finally a fifth one!

the motorcycle riders

Then it was already the curtain call. After 1.5 hours, the show was over and the crowed was left amazed and wowed.

As the tour guide said, it was time well spent and well worth to watch! We're glad we took his challenge and went to the show! Now we have something in our memory to take back home! We were dropped off the hotel looked out the window and saw this amazing view as we bade each other good night.


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Looks like you had an amazing time on your trip!

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Hi, would like to ask the contact information of your tour.

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hello there and thank you in your Shanghai Travel Guide ! I've certainly picked up something new from right here. I did on the other hand expertise a few technical issues the usage of this website, since I experienced to reload the web site many times prior to I could get it to load correctly.