Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bohol Bee Farm and Hayahay Pizza

Capping off our Bohol road trip that day (see part 1 and part 2 for more details), was a visit to this queer farm-cum-resort located in a remote and hidden area in Dauis, Panglao island called Bohol Bee Farm. I had reservations and was skeptical going here at first since it sounded boring and too childish, but nevertheless I just went with the flow since it's Patrick O. who have arranged all these.

The farm have a shop of selling goods and delicacies they have produced and it is an ideal thing to take home something that is to your liking.

We first went to have a 30-minute tour about the farm. The guide showed us some local produce and had a few leaf samples for us to smell and to taste.

She then went on to show us how they grow and harvest the plants, and explained how they tried to make everything as organic as possible, thus producing better products.

me and patrick o.

And then we went to a demonstration on how they handle the bees and how they get honeys out of it.

On a man-made box, they created a synthetic "hive" for the bees to live and showed us how it works. It was a bit eerie if specially seeing all those little creatures moving around, but it was cool.

me, holding one of the slabs

the bees.. eek!

Our guide then led us to this small enclosing and I was surprised that she started to escavate something over all those dirts around her.

She actually wanted to show us the process of vermiculture, the process of putting together organic materials and waste, and by use of earthworms to convert them to compost.

earthworms galore!

Then, she brought us to the livelihood center where a woman was steadily weaving craft materials.

sample works

bags on display near the store

That ended our tour and then Jojo and Patrick M. went off for the shop. Pretending to buy something right or in for the free tasting? :)

woven Philippine flag

We then explored the resort a bit and saw some of the rooms, restaurant and the surrounding place.

Overall, it's not as bad as I initially thought. In fact, I liked it because it was educational and it was an interactive tour we had with our guide. Right after, we then went back to our hotel and rested a bit.

Hours later, we had dinner at the famous Hayahay Pizza in town which claimes to have the best pizza in Alona beach.

waiting for the food

We had two types of pizza, namely . I liked the pizza because of its crust but toppings is just okay. Jojo didn't seem to like it that much though.

Because we just had two pizzas which served as our appetizer that night, we yet had to transfer to another place (which happens to be where we eat just the night before) - in Lost Horizon Beach Resort grill restaurant.

For dinner, wee had grilled squid, fish, eggplant and pork belly. Yummy!

The rest of the time was spent chit-chatting and updating each other on what's happening all since it's been a while since we got together.


aceychan said...

nice! so this is what the bee farm in bohol is like. :D

Anonymous said...

Hey Jas,

How much did you spend all in all sa Bohol Trip nyo? E-mail mo na lang sakin... =p

carlotta1924 said...

wow! buti hindi ka rin na-sting ng bees. :)

nice bohol series!

eunice said...

huh!! u held the slab of bees?? wow bravo!!

hey I think you can create a logo for your blog, and that logo shall cartoon-like, with your classical pose - a thumb up and tongue stuck out! :D