Sunday, May 25, 2008

2008 World Pyro Olympics - Venezuela and Italy

Chester and I watched the 2008 World Pyro Olympics at Esplanade, right at the back of SM Mall of Asia.

General Admission tickets were sold for 150 PHP. Notice the date in my ticket even though it was May 24 when we watched. Tonight's show was supposed to happen lat May 17, 2008 but it was postponed due to inclement weather as per advise of Philippine Coast Guard.

It was drizzling when we came. Like us, a lot of people were there to witness the exhibition that night of Venezuela and Italy.

Most of the people sat by the seawall, which is the perfect spot for a view without any obstruction. Too bad we came in late.

Aside from the seawall, there are open areas that are not yet full when we arrived but they have trees and lamp posts that blocks the view. We have no choice but to settle in that area because everywhere else was full.

Because we arrived almost 8pm at the venue and the show was supposed to start by 7:30pm, what we witnessed from Venezuela was their finale all-out blow. At this time we are still by the entrance gate. According to the official website "Venezuela prepares the audience for a festive and "fiesta-like" atmosphere of celebration! "

Next was Italy. Their show was described in the official website as "Italy to showcase its cultural heritage of design, form and elegance juxtoposed with an explosive flare. Known for its craftsmanship of special shells passed on from generation to generation of artisan pyrotechnicians."

My experience tonight wasn't the best because we didn't get a good spot but overall it was still a spectacular view to see the lights painting the sky.

If you want to catch up, your last chance to watch a show this year will be on May 31. See the website link above for more details.

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