Friday, May 23, 2008

The Manor Hotel, Camp John Hay

The Manor Hotel in Camp John Hay, Baguio City is my most favorite hotel in the city. I've stayed in a number of accomodations in Baguio City, which happens to be my most favorite city in the Philippines, and this hotel still remains to be my top choice.

The hotel is located in a hilly and greeny spot inside Camp John Hay.

From the entrance, to the fireplace in the lobby, down to the check-in counter, you will feel utmost welcome and warmth reception from the hotel staff.

Rooms are very spacious and there's even an area in each where you can prepare food.

Rooms are either overlooking the garden area or the trees.

In the morning a cool breeze and (if you're lucky) romantic foggy morning awaits you. The whole ambience is so serene that you will definitely feel close with nature.

In the garden, right outside the Piano Bar, you will the solemnty of the area. It feels like a perfect place for your dream wedding.

There's also a gazebo in the garden area where you can chill and hang out.

The hotel looks really stunning and beautiful from afar. Add to that the effect of a foggy day, it's a perfect place for a vacation!

There are also lot of things to do in the area around The Manor Hotel. This includes:
1. Horseback riding
2. Shopping in outlet and overrun stores
3. Golf driving
4. Dining

Or if you must, you can go out of Camp John Hay and head to the city proper for more things to do.

By the way, if you happen to be nearby, try to visit my favorite spot inside Camp John Hay - Starbucks Coffee! The place is so cozy and home-y and the staff are uber friendly and accomodating. Best time to visit is during night time.

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