Thursday, May 22, 2008

A quick visit to Ocean Park Hong Kong

I've written in my previous blog post that fresh from Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, we went back to our hostel via MTR to drop our bags and took a cab going to Ocean Park Hong Kong. This blog post is the last of a 3-part installment of our experience in Hong Kong. My blog post about our overall trip to Hong Kong can be read here and our visit to Hong Kong Disneyland here.

It was already past 2pm when we hailed a cab going to Ocean Park so the driver reminded us that the park will be closing in 3 hours or so. We are leaving Hong Kong the next day so we have no choice but to proceed, so in about 15 minutes from Causeway Bay, we were there.

There is one attraction that I really wanted to try but I didn't get a chance to - Go Kart! My friends know how I love this sport and I'm proud to say that I'm very competitive when it comes to this.

From an area of the park called Lowland Gardens, which is literally located in a lowland, we headed straight to the cable car station upon entering the park and took one going to Marine Land (which is an area on the highlands of the park). I was obviously damn scared of heights as evidenced by my holding of the pole in this photo with Julie.

It was a long cable car ride and a bit scary because the cable lines went up and down. For those with fear in heights, you can literally see and feel the car going up and down the mountains.

First thing that I saw was the Ocean Park Tower. Too bad the tower's out of service during that time.

There was an announcement flowing in the speakers all over the area for a show that was about to start. We were directed to the Ocean Theatre for a dolphin and sea lion show. I've seen a similar show in Ocean Adventure in Subic but I have to say that this one is bigger, bolder and definitely better! It's a must wait and you should watch the show if you happen to drop by the park!

Not far from the Ocean Theatre are the Headland Rides. No one from us dared (thankfully). This was, back then, was the most challenging set of rides I saw (my perception changed when I saw what Genting Highlands has to offer, and just recently when I visited Six Flag Magic Mountain which is a thrill park that is not for the faint of heart.

Exploring more of the surrounding areas, we came into an aquarium of sea jellies. We were delighted by the colorful experience.

Then we went to view the Shark Aquarium and Atoll Reef, a tank full of tropical fishes.

All this walking up and down made us hungry so we stopped by and ate chicken and chips, which also happen to be our dinner for that day.

We want back down to Lowland Gardens after eating. My mom and Julie wanted to ride the hot air balloon and I was so scared during that time (coming from a second cable car ride) so I didn't join them.

So while waiting for them from their balloon ride, I just went around and explored nearby attractions. I came into Kids' World. The place is full of kiddie rides and attactions (obviously) in contrast with Headland Rides.

There was an open show going on which I sat down to. No, I didn't made it to the end because it was too mushy for my taste so I just left.

I stumbled upon these cute garbage bins.

I went back to SkyFair because I can't take the things going (and picture myself) in Kids' World anymore. Right on the dot, an air show was just about to start with acrobatics stuff and all. I was still waiting for my mom and Julie so I thought "Hey, this one at least I can take!", so I sat on the floor.

This is the last thing that we did in the park. There are other things to do in the park that weren't available during that time including the Panda Bear experience and Birds' aviary.

More pictures are available in multiply. Just add me as a friend to view them.

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