Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Chinatown in Washington, DC

Looking for something new to eat, we brought ourselves to Chinatown in Washington, DC so we can sample something that is not "American Food". By this time we're starting to grow tired of the taste and we're looking for a more familiar food that we have at home. We rode a train from a station near our hotel and got down in Gallery PI-Chinatown Station.

The Chinatown area maybe small but it is reminiscent of a real Chinese town and of the Chinese culture.

After walking back and forth looking for a not so classy and high-end restaurant, we end up in Chinatown Express, maybe we were enticed by the newspaper clipping posted in the window.

We had noodles, dumplings and rice. The noodle soup was good, especially the noodles, but I find the dumpling so-so. The ambience of the place is of a typical chinese eatery and we already miss our food back home then so it was still a treat for us.

Walking around the area, trying to explore things, we passed by this buildings including Donald W. Reynolds Center for American Art and Portraiture, a Smithsonian Institution museum.

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