Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ontario, Canada

After Washington, DC, my mom and I went to Canada by plane with the main intention of visiting our relatives whom we haven't seen for years. Our entry point in Canada was in Toronto Pearson International Airport, an hour away from downtown Toronto. From there we took a bus that connected us to a Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) train station (Kipling). From there we transferred trains until we got into College Station.

Our hotel, Courtyard Toronto Downtown, is just a couple of blocks from College Station of TTC.

We got a suite for less than 500 USD for 3 nights. This is how our room looked like. It was big and spacious for the two of us.

It was hard for us to go around the city. It was drizzling and snowing already and the roads were slippery for walking. We also were not "armed" with heavy weather clothing.

So that we have something to do, we decided to go out and do something else. We planned to have dinner in a good restaurant that night but we had the whole afternoon with nothing else to do. We were looking for not-so-expensive clothing shop because we have been out of the country for a week and my mom will soon deplete her supply of clean clothes to wear. We passed by these scenes on the way to Eaton Centre

College Park

Restaurants and shops

Toronto Eaton Centre, the largest shopping mall in Eastern Canada and is a famous attraction among the locals and tourists alike.

On the way to the tower, we passed by the Union Station, a historical train station that was built in 1927.

CN Tower. We had our dinner in the revolving restaurant on top of this tower. I'll blog about this experience next.

If you have been following my blog, I made mentioned in a blogpost that I have the habit of checking out local softdrinks that are not available in our country. For this trip, I had a great find of Diet Coke with Lime. Years back there was a Diet Coke with Lemon in the Philippines for some time but this has been discontinued already.

The next morning, the snowstorm was getting worse. My uncle and cousins came over our hotel to pick us up that day. We planned to stay overnight in their house in Kitchener, Ontario.

When we got in Kitchener, the storm was already getting worse. Yet, we were still happy to see real snow falling on my head. We stayed here for a night.

We came back to Toronto early next day because we are booked for a Niagara Falls tour. We came back just in time for us to be picked up in our hotel lobby.

Niagara Falls

When we came back to Toronto that night, we had a take-out dinner from Sushi Sky, a Japanese restaurant in Yonge street serving sushi, teriyaki, teppanyaki, tempura and other popular Japanese dishes. Authentic taste, very palatable and most of all, affordable. We had tempura, beef teriyaki and some miso soup.

Our hotel at night

More pictures are available in multiply. Just add me as a friend to view them.


ßrigida Ayson © Copyright said...
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ßrigida Ayson © Copyright said...

Jasper, your snow experience in Toronto seemed too much... haha! I first had my similar experience in Wisconsin, USA. IT was a beautiful winter though so we were playing outdoor for one week.

Please read this blog entry : Snow White Everywhere, under the month of February =)

By the way, where are you now? And where do you normally stay at?

eunice said...

Hi Jasper! Now I am jealous! U even crossed border to Canada! n I am surprised to see snow there, I thought u went there in April? So niceeeee...


Jasper said...

hi eunice! don't get confused! this was last march, and i went to canada both March and April :)