Tuesday, July 15, 2008

CN Tower

Toronto's icon, the CN Tower, is a communications tower which held the title as the world's tallest building for 31 years until it was surpassed by Burj Dubai last 2007. We went up this tower on our first night in Toronto to dine (see previous post) and see the view from up above.

The bridge going to the tower

One the way up to the tower

Information about the tower

View from the tower

There was no one in sight (as if my mom and I had the observatory for ourselves) so I "played" a bit with the glass floor of the tower.

Right outside and across the tower is the Rogers Centre, a multipurpose stadium home to Toronto's Blue Jays and Argonauts.

Different colors of the CN Tower at night

CN Tower in the morning

More pictures are available in multiply. Just add me as a friend to view them.


eunice said...

The CN Tower at night is stunning, glowing in different colors! Wonder if the glass floor can see-through the floor below?

x said...

cool cool tower!

Jasper said...

thanks! it really does look nice at night :)