Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rock Faces, Cihmu Bridge and Visitor Center

One of the interesting things to do inside Taroko National Park is to let one's imagination run and go wild. How? By staring hard at the rock formations, your creativity may stir up and an image of something may come up to your mind. Take for instance some rocks where locals and visitors claim look like a head or face of a person.

An example of this is the head-shaped rock at the right. Now you have to stare hard and keep an open mind for you to see the head. If you let your minds extract more creative juices, you may be able to see a face on the left across it.

We saw this rock formation when Mr. Lu parked his cab near a high mountain inside the park.

Here's another "face" carving from the rocky mountain. Now it gets queer!

And this scene can be witnessed from a viewing deck that has a feel of a Japanese garden zen.

me and Mr. Lu

a monument marker, not sure what it says

Furthermore, we reached the Cihmu bridge where white marbles are. It is in a point where Liwu and Laosi rivers meet. At the other end of the bridge is a pavilion where one can relax and catch a view of the surroundings.

white marbles and more faces!

river flow

stairs to the pavilion

We also dropped by the Visitor Center, mainly to use restroom. Little did we know that there is a museum inside the place and the personnel inside called (and signalled by hand) for us to come in.

me and the planets of the solar system

explanation of the natural wonder but we could not read the characters :)

the park

photos of different areas inside the park

Looking at the photos taken from the park made us realized there are so much to do and and moreso to see but we got so little time.

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