Thursday, July 17, 2008

My uncle's place in Kitchener, Ontario

My post yesterday talked about the worst snowstorm that happened in east coast of North America (specially in Canada) last March 2008 during our trip to Toronto.

We came to Canada to visit our relatives (my uncle and his family) just as the snow started to grow worse. They live in Kitchener which is an hour-away drive from Toronto. Snow got even worse when we got to their house.

We tried to drive around and look for something to do. When we arrived in the area where a lot of commercial establishments are situated, it seems that it was a bad idea for us to leave the house. The locals were already warned to stay at home.

Instead of eating out, we just had a take-out for luch from Kings Buffet and headed back home.

This is the situation in our uncle's house where we were staying. This is supposed to be an outdoor veranda at their backyard but it was already covered with snow.

A couple of hours passed by and the snow outside is getting much thicker. The winds started to blow harder and most people stayed indoors so the streets are virtually empty.

My cousins wanted to go out and play with the snow. Since it is the first time for me and my mom to experience a snowstorm, we decided to join them. The snow is mostly as thick as this when I stepped out of the house.

They, at first, played outside the house but we decided later on to head to a park nearby.

The park is empty when we got there (as expected). My cousins played for about 30 minutes and we headed back home because the wind grew stronger.

Me, fooling around amidst a snowstorm

We still went out that night to hear mass at a nearby church.

Come late at night, the wind and the falling of snow gradually decreased. The weather became a bit stable and we started to shovel our lawn and sidewalks to make it passable to pedestrians.

It was a beautiful day the next morning, the sun is shining and the snow have stopped falling. The thick layer of ice is still present in the streets however.

More pictures are available in multiply. Just add me as a friend to view them.


eunice said...

OMG! I felt so cold suddenly while looking at your snow storm pics! Could see that it was really a heavy snow storm out there! And you seemed to get beaten by a kid heheh! Hmm, if you wore red, you could look like Santa with your eyebrows covered with snow!


Anonymous said...

Haha. Totally agree with Eunice about that Santa thing. btw, we don't have snow here in Vietnam. I wish one day I can touch it.