Saturday, August 9, 2008

NBA Game: Supersonics vs. Mavericks

Mark, a friend and fellow in a local forums met up with us in Seattle on our first night to watch a basketball game. He treated us tickets for an NBA game in KeyArena between Seattle Supersonics and Dallas Mavericks.

We went in the arena early and the place was just starting to fill up.

We also caught the pre-game practice of both teams.

After an hour of waiting for the game to start and the place to fill up, lights were turned off and the American National Anthem was sung.

And the game began...

During end of quarters and half-time, there were cheering and entertainment courtesy of the homecourt team Seattle Supersonics squad.

It was a victorius game for Seattle - 99-95! The crowd was roaring with delight!

For the locals of Seattle, it was also a victory on their part, not only because the game was played in their homecourt but because the could have possibly been the last have they not won. It is also threatening to them that it could be one of the last games the team will be playing because their future is already a big question.

Chester, Adrian and me

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