Friday, August 1, 2008

The Venetian and The Palazzo

One of the popular hotels in Las Vegas is The Venetian which is by itself an attraction and a tourist destination for the visitors. Inspired by Venice, Italy, it mimics the beauty and architecture of the city and its romantic feel.

Even before you come inside the themed-hotel, you will really feel that you are in a different country from the outside. Gondolas are available for ride over a man-made body water, similar to those in Venice where you get to ride the traditional boats over the canals. If you fancy this ride, best time to do this is at night because the ambience is more special and romantic at dark.

Inside The Venetian

There are also Gondola rides inside.

A "street performer"

Connected to The Venetian is The Palazzo.

The inside of The Palazzo is different from The Venetian. If in The Venetian, you will feel you are in the streets of Venice, here you will feel you are inside a majestic palace.

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