Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Not for the faint-hearted, Six Flags Magic Mountain is a theme park in Valencia, California that attracts thrill-seekers due to its numerous thrill rides of rollercoasters and other rides for mature audiences. It previous held the most number of roller coasters in a park until it demolished and closed two of its rollercoasters recently.

There are two Six Flags the parks in Valencia, California - the water-thrill rides Hurricane Harbor and Magic Mountain. Chester and I spent that day at the rollercoaster-filled theme park.

First thing that will greet you when you come in - a rollercoaster!

Grand Carousel

Warner Bros. Kids Club

Log Jammer

During our visit, there was a cheering competition among different schools going on. It is closed from the public though.

Sylvester's Pounce and Bounce, a kiddie thrill-ride.

Me in Jail

Yosemite Sam Sierra Falls


Gotham City backlot

Grinder Gearworks

Batman The Ride

Gotham City monument

Arcade games

Cyclone 500 kart racing.

For someone like me who is afraid of heights, this is like a park from hell to try it all out. It was nice to walk around the park but I can't help but imagine things because there are thrill rides and rollercoasters everywhere! Here are some of them among others:

I'm okay with riding the Roaring Rapids though, a water rapids ride guaranteed to get you wet.

The Greatest Coasters Ever Built - yaiks!

With Sylvester

The Orient Express, a people mover

Wii Experience

What I like in the park is the numerous meet and greet activities with the different cartoon characters for the children. It's like they are just waiting for you to come.

With Green Lantern

With Batman and Robin

At the end of the day was a parade called "A Looney Tunes Celebration", featuring characters such as Bugs Bunny and friends having fun and dancing.


ßrigida ∫chmidt © Copyright said...

Haven't been to the universal studios yet. Your trip to California is awesome. You've been to more tourist attractions that I did.

I am on a road trip right heading towards the East Coast. Already travelled from Wisconsin to Chicago, Illinois to Indianapolis, Indiana, to Cleveland Ohio. Currently at Ohio. Tomorrow, west virginia... We are driving towards the I-90 East!

Check my new post and leave your comment!

Jasper said...

if you're going west, you should drop by LA! lot's of things to do there and a lot of parks are waiting for you :)

seems you're having a nice roadtrip though :)

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