Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tagaytay Weekend

A couple of days after we arrived from our USA Trip last March 2008, we hitted the road agian to spent the weekend over at Tagaytay. We stayed in an inn for one night and transferred to another one the next day.

Tagaytay City is among the popular tourist destinations among locals because of its cool climate next to Baguio City. This is because of its high altitude and surrounding greens. Others also go here for the beautiful view of the Taal lake and Taal volcano. Another reason why locals go to this city is because it is accessible by only about an hour or so away from the busy streets of Metro Manila thus making it an easy and quick get-away. Unfortunately, as the city becomes developed, the serene feeling of being at the top of the mountain is also degrading.

People's Park in the Sky, also known as Palace in the Sky by the locals. It is an unfinished mansion of former president Ferdinand Marcos and is situated in one of the highest peaks in the city. In now servers as a lookout and viewing deck but the place is getting deteriorated as years go by.


There's also a monument of Jesus Christ on the top but you have to climb yourself.

Going up, you may notice this very intriguing signboard that says "PLS. WAT'S UR STEP"

Me on the shrine

After going to Palace in the Sky, we transferred to another inn and stayed there for the night. In the next place we stayed, there was a nipa hut where we can chill out and have a good view.

Before dinner, we thought of visiting Caleruega, a Dominican compound serving retreats and catholic activities of small groups which is 15-20 minutes away and is outside the city. There is also a Transfiguration chapel in the area. We plan to say a short prayer there and head back for a dinner. On our way, we were stunned by a beautiful sunset scenery so we stopped by to appreciate it.

Going to the Calaruega, we passed by a few old houses like these on top of the hill.

Unfortunately Calaruega closed at 5:00PM that day. Disappointed, we just headed back to the city to have our dinner.

We had our dinner at a restaurant called Breakfast at Antonio's. Don't be fooled by its name, the restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is a famous restaurant in the city for its Filipino and Spanish dishes though it also serve other dishes.

For short escapes from the hustles and bustles of Manila, Tagaytay city is a perfect place to be. It is one of the few places where you will feel you can connect with nature without really leaving the comfort and relaxation the modern world offers.


eunice said...

I am puzzled with your last pic. Looks like both of u were doing some work seriously hehe... Now let me guess: both of u were reading the menu and u were also uploading some photos to your laptop? Must tell me the ans ok! =P

Jasper said...

haha i can't remember. definitely my mom was looking at the menu. as for me, i think i was composing a blog that time.

Ian | GoingRoamingWandering said...

definitely tagaytay is one of the best place in my province of cavite. I also like the relaxing place and nature scenes. Though, I have been there 3x already... there are so many developments in the place like more hotels, restos and even bars for nightlife.

I haven't seen Sonya's Garden, its becoming popular as one of Tagaytay sights.

Local gov't should do something about Palace in the Sky, it is one of the most visited place there. I have been there too but sad to it is really detoriating... sayang kc it has a lot potential. They said it is a good place for meteor-shower sigthseeing and stargazing at night.