Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Seattle Aquarium

Beside the Waterfront Park and a couple of minutes walk away from Pier 55 is the Seattle Aquarium. Located in Pier 59, it is a famous attraction among tourists who wanted to see the animals that live in the northwest area. The tickets we purchased for the cruise also includes entrance to the aquarium so we went here right after.

As one enters the exhibit area, the Windows on Washington Waters will greet spectators with its dashing 20 x 40 feet window. On scheduled times, divers are staged here for shows.

Life on the Edge

Me in The Ring of Life, a water aquarium filled with moon jellies.

Life of a Drifter


Pacific Coral Reef

Other pictures inside

Birds in Northwest Shores

Another attraction inside is the Underwater Dome, giving 360 degrees view of fishes to visitors.

Salmon Ladder


View from outside

More pictures are available in multiply. Just add me as a friend to view them.


eunice said...

I didn't get a chance to visit any water world in U.S, glad that you did.

Always fascinated to see different kind of jellyfishes, starfishes and other coral reefs.

ßrigida Ayson © Copyright said...

Jasper, are you in Seattle right now? I went there last year and missed all of these. You are enjoying your trip around the world so much. I love your pictures, they are becoming more colorful and as usual, all the shots are nice.

About your questions... We use North West Airlines... and yes, I have already accumulated too many points. We sometimes plan our trip ahead of time, and sometimes, we just go there and do what we please =) It takes a lot of savings though to do all of these staffs.

Sorry for being idle for a long time. We had a nun visitor.I am finally back =)

x said...

niiiice. how come we don't have this kind of thing down here in the philippines? haha

Jasper said...

@brigida - nope, these are old pictures i took last summer :)

@acey - we do! http://www.manilaoceanpark.com/