Monday, June 29, 2009

Modern Toilet

Continuing our fourth day on a do-it-yourself "come what may" exploration, we made it a point to drop by this queer restaurant I saw over the internet. The name of the place - Modern Toilet! Sounds yucky and disgusting, the restaurant is themed after none other than a toilet! Finding this place is a bit tricky. From Ximen MRT station, we walked towards Sining S. road, and about a couple or so blocks from there, try to glimpse on every alley and if you see a big toilet hanging on a wall, you are on the right track. We walk past the correct alley twice and after 15 minutes of walking back and forth, we were almost ready to give up and then I saw the big toilet. To make it easier, once you are already in Sining S. road from the MRT station, look for First Bank on the left. That's the landmark to the right alley where you'll find the restaurant!

It was almost 12:00PM but the place was still closed, we had to wait for around 5 minutes before they had removed the barrier and let us in. We were the first customer of the restaurant for that day.

The restaurant is located on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the building if I am not mistaken. My mom and I were seated on the 2nd floor of the restaurant, near the toilet - the real one! This is how the place looks like, again themed after a toilet and bathroom. Bathtub and sinks are used as tables and diners sit on the decorated toilet seats.

other shots on the second floor


The restaurant not only sells food, but also collectible items, in the end I got myself a little toilet seat and keychains to take home and my mom got magnets and little cute things.

Even the waiting area is toilet-themed! This is where diners wait to be seated if the restaurant is full and in just 30 minutes, the whole place was already packed!

Near the human toilet, I saw this funny looking toilet seat outside. This serves as the faucet and sink to wash your hands.

I don't usually take pictures of toilets but this one looks cool, very colorful and, uhrm.. modern!

We were given a menu where items are written in english and we had to tick our orders, bring it back to the counter and pay for it there. I had a seafood hot pot, served in a toilet seat-shaped bowl while my mom had pork chop cordon bleu. For drinks, we both had orange juice shake. My mom's drink was served in a urinal-shaped glass while I opted to "upgrade" mine and had it served on a real plastic urinal same with those that they use in the hospitals (lower right).

The food was okay, not bad, but nothing spectacular. They are priced just right too so I'd say it was a good experience. I didn't even finish half of my hot pot and my mom tried to finish her meal but she can't either!

As we are about to leave, we were informed that the dessert is part of the meal. Soft ice cream was served in a bathtub-shaped plates (or are they the ones on the floor in the toilet room?).

For a complete and filling meal less than NTD600, plus the experience by itself, I thought we had a great deal and a number of memories to take home! I recommend the place to anyone coming to town and looking for something different but I have to warn diners not to expect too much on the food that they serve, after people come here for the experience right?



RennyBA said...

How creative and fun - very special so I'm so glad you would take us with!

The interior looks delicate and so does the food :-)

RennyBA's Terella

eunice said...

hey this restroom-restaurant is really colorful n interesting! I wonder if there are many of such in Taiwan? Taking photos in this very huge "restroom" must be enjoyable!! lol

Jasper said...

@rennyba - yeah nice place! :)

@eunice - there are many themed restaurants in Taiwan, there's also an A380, Hello Kitty and other fun restaurants! :)

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