Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dolphin Lagoon Show

Finally reached Dolphin Lagoon by foot from Beach Station in Sentosa Island, passing by the stretch of long stretch Palawan Beach. The place is an enclosed cove with a stage setup where they hold the Dolphin Show (show times at 11:00AM, 1:00PM, 3:30PM and 5:30PM). We came in just in time for the last show of the day.

The place is jampacked with viewers, although it wasn't as full the last time I was here. We had a hard time finding seats at first but we found a few vacant ones at the far left end.

It seems like people are ready for this. There were some who brought food in lunch boxes like like for picnics while some had bags of chips and snacks with them to munch on while to show is going on.

And the show began! After a few introductions of the host, trainers and staff, the dolphins exhibition started at once. Shown here is a dolphin jumping through a hoop.

.. and the other hoop!

double hoops

The dolphins had a lot of tricks to show, including playing with beach balls. The trainer had thrown the balls and the dolphins will try to catch them and balance at the tip of their mouths.

Expected by the dolphins at the end of each trick is a treat that must have served as an incentive. These treats are raw fishes stored in these ice boxes.

clapping for a round of applause

Middle of the show, they called for volunteers for a short dolphin interaction.

hula hoop

dolphin playing with a hula hoop using its beak


a volunteer and a trainer in a dolphin interactivity

waiting for a treat!

two dolphins jumping together

dolphins on stage

This 30-minute show demonstrated the natural behavior of the dolphins as well as some tricks the trainers have taught them. Like most of the animal shows around, it is kids-oriented and at the end teaches the value of caring of the animals and their natural habitat.

Tanjong Beach coming up on my next blog!


Jasper said...

@chester coronel - please remind me to give you the set of pictures pala! :)

Thomas Hammerlund said...

It looks like I need to get over to Singapore.

Jasper said...

@sixmats - it's high time, while fares are still low :)