Sunday, May 31, 2009

Singapore Flyer

One last go and Chester and I will be off the city! Coming from Chinatown, we went to City Hall MRT station and paid SGD2.80 (inclusive of SGD1 refundable deposit). I made mention of this process of buying of tickets a number of times already but just for your appreciation, this is how the ticket machine looks like. We use the touchscreen to point where we're headed and then insert the fare requested at the coin slot or bill feeder and then the ticket pops out.

Couplets on Chinatown

Chinese writings on the floor

Upon arriving in City Hall MRT Station, a shuttle bus along Coleman Street, near St. Andrew's Cathedral will take you to the gigantic wheel. By almost 7:00PM, we finally reached the place after the 15-minute shuttle ride.

Singapore Flyer is actually a giant observation wheel and often mistaken as a ferris wheel. Admission ticket to the flyer is a hefty SGD29.50. However, since we bought our tickets online prior to coming here, we got 10% off admission prices.

one of the capsules

Our flight time tickets are scheduled for 8:00PM, an hour away from the time we arrived. We happily took our time to explore around take photos of the place and ourselves.

Inside and on the way up to the platform is the President's Charity Heart Box.

A "Dr. Fish spa" is also within the vicinity where one can dip their feet in an aquarium and the fishes will feast on the dead skins on your feet.

Earlier than expected, we went up the flyer 30 minutes before our time slot. Better safe than sorry for us on our way to the airport later, or so we thought. Actually there were not a lot of people lined up so we breezed our way to the loading area of the capsule in no time.

bridge to the capsule loading area

before loading a capsule

And we were in! Good thing I brought my tripod and camera remote control so that I can take a picture of myself!

Inside the capsule, it wasn't scary at all. I expected it to swing at least a bit, but it was stable and attached to the frame that you'll hardly feel anything, even the moving. For someone like me with a fear of heights, this is definitely a big plus!

Singapore skyline view from the capsule

chester and me

the frame and another capsule above us

other views of Singapore from the top

Benjamin Sheares bridge, near the observation wheel

last photo of Singapore Flyer at night, right before we left

We whisked our way to the airport by taking the shuttle bus once again back to the City Hall MRT station. At the MRT station we paid SGD2.40 (inclusive of deposit) and rode the green line train that will take us to Changi Airport MRT station.

In Tanah Merah, we had to alight the train and took another green line train to the airport.

After 40 minutes, we finally reached the airport, 30 minutes ahead of our targetted schedule time (10:00PM). We just took pictures of the airport that to me looked more like an upscale mall.

We lined up 10 minutes before 10:00PM at the check-in counter. For some reason it opened later, at exactly 2 hours prior to flight time (10:15pM, for a 12:15AM departure). I'm used to checking in to this airline 3 hours ahead in an international city but just went with the flow. There was a long line ahead of us because of this.

Before approaching our terminal gates for boarding, we just went around to see the shops but because we are on a budget-mode, we didn't buy a thing.

Renault car on display

Finally, airplane food again. I had beef with rice this time. We had an early dinner at 4:30 so I felt hungry already when they began serving food.

In literally 2 full days in the city (arrived Friday before midnight and departed midnight of Monday), I'm proud to say we have covered a lot in Singapore. This is what I want being with someone who is interested to see sights and experience the city rather than shopping or just joining a tour, we get to see places at our own pace and our own time. Looking forward to more trips with buddy Chester!


Chester Coronel said...

Same here looking forward for future trips!!! ;)

ironwulf said...

For two days you guys did cover a lot. I should try that flyer when I visit singapore again :D thanks for that online tip. It's not a cheap ride

Borneo Falcon said...

We actually walked from Singapore Flyer to City Hall MRT Station via Suntech City

escape said...

wow! first time to see it being featured in a blog in during night time.

my friend tried it. but what i like most with your posts are the pictures overload. the more photos, the more i enjoy your blog. because it was like we were really there.

pusangkalye said...

OMG---I suddenly miss Singapore and the Flyer and the merlion and Sentosa and everything---you guys really had a lot of fun as we did I guess---nice post---good photos'.

Jasper said...

@borneo falcon - yeah i realized there's a guide online on where to walk from the station to the flyer. but i saw it later on.

@the dong - thanks! i made it a point to make it at night time. i ought it will be better at that time

Anonymous said...

Glad that you covered so much about Sg and enjoyed your stay! I've not even been up to the SG flyer yet, is it worth the ride? :P

Sg is really convenient for tourists to go free and easy by MRT. Now we have some new MRT lines too. It's getting more convenient.

While you were on your way to Changi airport in MRT, you could also see the block that I am staying now! :D

tin-tin said...

one reason why i would like to return to singapore is to try the flyer.

ganda ng bilihan ng ticket sa train noh? hehe ;p

Mandino said...

First, I love your blog design, I really like the pictures that you took too :) By the way, I have found this site and you might want to check that because they are giving out waterproof cameras and some other gadgets to people who will win the contest :)

mark said...

Ang ganda ng blog mo thank you for the infos talagang marami kang matututunan especially if you're researching for a destination... However PLEASE srefrain from doing your annoying "template" pose (with thumbs up hands and tongue out GRRRRRRR) nakakainis kasi nagpapapacute eh, try to look all your photos and tell me what's wrong... Nakakainit ng ulo sa totoo lang, STOP that, PLUEZZZZEEE. Other than that, kudos to you!