Saturday, May 30, 2009

Singapore's Chinatown

It was 3:00PM when we left Marina Barrage and still got a lot of free time to burn before our flight takes off that midnight. Originally, a visit to Chinatown was categorized as an optional activity in our schedule and we sure are glad that we were able to squeeze it in our itinerary. Rain was still pouring when we reached the Marina Bay MRT station but still, we decided to proceed. Taking the red line train that took us to Chinatown MRT station (purple line), we had to transit and change trains in Dhoby Gaut MRT station, a 30-minute trip that costed us only SGD2.80 (including the refundable SGD1 card deposit).

The rain has stopped when we got to Chinatown but intermittently, drizzles were spraying indefinitely for a few minutes. Stalls and stores on the streets were covered to protect the goods from getting wet. Good timing to shop around for not a lot of goers were there yet.

Along Pagoda street, a number of old, restored and thematically-inspired buildings sprung left and right. Chinatown Heritage Centre, located near the MRT station along Pagoda street, houses memories and relics of old-time Chinatown and on the role the Chinese migrants played on the development of the country.

Another thing of interest in the street is Olde Cuban, a shophouse serving cigars mimicking the days of opium dens in this area.

another building in Pagoda street

At the corner of the street is Singapore's oldest Hindu temple - Sri Mariamman Temple. It was under restoration at the time and we wanted to come in but since we need to leave our shoes outside and it was still wet, we decided to pass this time.

Pagoda street sign

Went back to the station and crossed the street on the way to People's Park. On the way, I took this picture of the Pagoda street, as viewed from the top of the footbridge.

Up on the footbridge is a zen-like garden where one can relax, chill, and sit down for a while -something that we did later on before we left the place.

Saw this icon of the Singapore Kindness Movement that says "It's not nice to litter our beautiful city".

People's Park

Above the People's Park Complex, we saw two mascots of Beijing 2008 Olympics promoting tourism to China and a group of scottish-type band. Queer combination indeed.

Seeing the food lined up in a nearby open-air foodcourt enticed us to have our early dinner. We've been looking to try out crabs and since this is our last meal in the city, we were determined not to compromise and really have one.

For drink, I had a coconut juice (SGD2) and I find it sweeter than the ones back home in the Philippines.

Chester and I shared on this deep fried chili crab, served with chili sauce, mixed with peanuts and some assortment of spices and vegetables (SGD 18.90). Indeed a feast for us! We also had spicy beef mixed (SGD4.50) but I didn't like it that much.

This store caught my attention on the way back to the Chinatown MRT station - S.E.X In The City, obviously derived from the famous Sarah Jessica Parker series and movie of the same namesake. Okay, we didn't go in here.

Sun is still up so we're in for our last hurrah in the city. On my next post, I will be detailing our last adventure in Singapore!


Phivos Nicolaides said...

This is a nice travelling blog. Wonderful pictures and text. Congratulations. Have a look at: travelling here

Kelvin Servigon said...

great photos! Traveling is one of my favorite hobbies... :D

blnavi said...

I bet you had a great time in Singapore. Did you visit Raffles Hotel and tried their singapore sling? The famous hotel claimed it originated the drink.

aceychan said...

nice buildings! :D

na-intriga ako sa sex store. curious what's inside. will look for this 1 someday. haha.

Unknown said...

Your blog is just great! You have such cool shots here! I'll be back soon. Thank you for visiting mine.

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

I wonder if the owners of SEX shop has realized that they're infringing copyright laws with the book/movie of the same name. If that store is in NY, it's in big trouble.

Unknown said...

That's a great travel story. Chinatown is indeed a nice place to visit, wherever it will be. It's a must see.

EJ said...

Great place, I been to singapore twice but haven't got a chance to roam around the city.

Thanks man for dropping by my place. Mind exchanging links?

fortuitous faery said...

it's always fun to explore chinatowns in different places! thanks for visiting my blog! singapore has a cute cleanliness mascot!

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I view almost all your entry.Wow!!your shot great,all of them.I'm yr followers now(if you don't mind).By the way Thank You very much for visiting my blog:)
Have a nice day & will keep in touch.

Jasper said...

@everyone - thanks for dropping by and the comments

@joops - sure, let's talk offline

@the nomadic pinoy - i wonder about that as well