Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Jewel Box and Cable Car Ride to Sentosa

Coming from Suntec City, we used the underground train (and paid SGD2.80 inclusive of ticket deposit) to get to Tiong Bahur MRT station, which is supposedly the nearest station to our destination, Mount Faber, and transferred to a cab (paid SGD5.40) that will take us there.

What we're really up to is to go to the cable car station up in Mount Faber and take that ride that will take us to Sentosa where we'll spending the afternoon.

On top of Mount Faber is The Jewel Box (pictured on the left), which also served as our gateway to the cable car ride.

We purchased from Faber Tours office a package tour that helped us save more and cut wasted time of waiting in lines. The tour costed us SGD59.80 and included a tour guide, round-trip cable car ride, access to The Jewel Box, admission in Sentosa, Underwater World ticket, Cineblast ticket and Dolphin Lagoon ticket. We immediately lined up for the cable car ride and off we went to Sentosa!

While on line though, we passed by a model of a cable car that offers dining experience up in the air.

our cable car ride

So off we went en route to Sentosa, but there was a stop at Harbourfront Centre station.

While on the air, the ride gives an amazing view of the nearby surrounding areas. Too bad there was construction going on for casinos and Universal Studio that ruined what is supposedly a perfect view but needless to say, it was still spectacular to see!

Past Harbourfront Centre, there was. For someone like me with fear of heights, it was a scary part as we go down from that pole on the way to Sentosa.

view from the cable car ride


Approaching Sentosa, one will see this tall tower (Tiger Sky Tower, previously Carlsberg Sky Tower), which is actually an observation tower that gives you a 360-degrees view of the area and the sight can reach as far as Indonesia.

the observation platform

We were greeted by a tour guide on our arrival in Sentosa. He asked us to wait for around 30 minutes and suggested that we go around the shop and nearby areas first as he gather people joining his group. We just walked around and took pictures of the vicinity instead.

Near the waiting area, there was a sign pointing to an observation deck. We followed the signs and was dismayed to see the observation area is completely blocked!

our tour guide

Next... around Sentosa island!


Vlado&Toni said...

hello there, thanks for dropping by my blog :D i wish you a wonderful trip in Singapore :D will come back again to check your future post... by the way, i like your blog's design.. i'm thinking of changing my look too.. till next post.

Jasper said...

@vlado&toni - thanks too! i have been reading the posts in your blog for quite some time, but the food pictures you posted recently were simply irresistible :D

escape said...

i wish they'll build one in cebu. the one in highlands, i tried riding but it was exclusive.

i believe cebu or baguio should have one.

Jasper said...

@the dong - i'll join you in that wishful thinking of having a cable car in the Philippines, and oh maybe a viewing ferry's wheel like singapore flyer or eye on malaysia :)

Unknown said...

The cable car you passed which offers dining experience is the VIP cable car.

Unknown said...