Sunday, May 10, 2009

Siloso Beach and CineBlast

Finishing up early our tour inside Underwater World gave us time to explore the nearby Siloso Beach. Crossing the road, we headed towards Siloso Beach but before that, I took a snapshot of a sign leading to Fort Siloso, one of the twelve coastal gun batteries built in Singapore by the British defense back in the colonial days and the only one left as of today. According to Wikipedia, the word Siloso came from a Filipino term "seloso" which literally translates to a jealous person. I wonder why...?

Siloso Beach, located just across the aquarium is said to be the haven of beach volleyball lovers. It is one of the 3 public beaches located in Sentosa island. Free for all, the volleyball courts in the beach are available on a first-come-first-serve basis for 60 minutes.

pathway to Siloso Beach

It was a bright sunny afternoon, contrary to the weather forecast of thunderstorm and rainshowers, the sky is blue and the sun is blazing hot.

The hot weather gives one a perfect excuse to go to the beach and bum around. Staying under the tree while reading a book or taking a nap is a way to go here. And for someone living in a city with a very humid and hot weather like me in Manila, believe me that day was extremely hot that even the locals in Singapore were complaining.

The place wasn't so crowded as I initially expected. Aside from bumming under the shade of trees what else is to do in a hot day like this? Dipping or swimming in the water will help! A bunch of youngsters are doing the same in a weather perfect for this activity.

Of course, there were beach volleyball courts. Four of them if I'm not mistaken. As the place were not so crowded, not all were used at that time and most of the visitors were just hanging around under the tree or dipping in the sea.

There were also canoes and other facilities for water fun. Shown here at the background is Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa Resort.

canoes and other water fun activities

fun in the water


Jazz by the Beach

Next activity we did was to ride, or should I say to "view" the Extreme Log Ride in CineBlast, a simulated rollercoaster cinema experience.

The line was rather long. We waited for around 3 turns (for around an hour) until we got in.

almost there!

Tiger Sky Tower

Imbiah Lookout marker

For my next post, another beach in Sentosa!


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Nice sentosa adventure ha!

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