Monday, May 4, 2009

Esplanade, Suntec City and Fountain of Wealth

A side of the Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay can greatly be seen from across the river, where Merlion Park is, and that's where we headed to next after doing some picture-taking with the famous Singapore icon.

For us to get there, we had to cross the 260 meter-long Esplanade Bridge by foot that cuts across Singapore river.

There were no events being held at that time. We were just dazzled by its beauty because from afar, it looks like a couple of durian fruit.

Surrounding the theatres is a park where one can stay and relax while watching people passing by or internalizing the luscious greens of the area.

After passing by the "durian" Esplanade, we walked towards Suntec City and gave a visit to the famous Fountain of Wealth.

During certain times of the day, the water falling off the giant circle is turned off and visitors are allowed to come near and walk around the center three times while touching the water for good luck.

top rim of the fountain

After walking around the center of the fountain, we got hungry and proceeded to the nearest foodcourt, the Fountain Food Terrace to have our lunch.

This is what I had for lunch - crispy strips of meat, similar to bacon, with sauce and served as a rice topping in a hot claypot. I tried to rotate the pot and I got burnt! Fruit punch drink on the side.

Before we left, we just explored around the mall. I'm actually surprised that the whole area is composed of 5 buildings and a convention center! We went to the top floor of one building (where Eng Wah Cinemas are) and was amazed by the huge glass ceiling that gives earth-friendly lighting to the main lobby and center of that building.

From here we also got a good view of the surrounding area outside.

As we went out of the building to supposedly find our way back to the nearest MRT station, we saw that the fountain water was turned on as opposed to when we were there earlier. We immediately went back downstairs to see this splendor.

This time, the fountain is closed off for public, perhaps because obviously you'll get wet when you go to the center. It was such an amazing sight!

On our way to the MRT station, we passed by another indoor "fountain", this time mechanically ran by beads moving downwards coupled with ambient lighting.

Coming up next, going to Sentosa!


Lalaine said...

HI there! Thanks for visiting my blog.. I enjoyed looking at your travel photos.

By the way, Yangon is in Myanmar ( formerly Burma). You might consider visiting the country. It's beautiful in its own way :) .. Airasia flies there you can get a cheap flight.. :)

Jasper said...

@lalaine - thanks! i enjoyed visiting your blog too, especially reading through things i've never been to. yes, Myanmar sounds interesting and would research more and see if it's something i can put up in my travel schedule :)

Unknown said...

Hi, how long it takes walking from Esplanade to Suntec City?
Thank you