Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Palawan Beach

The CineBlast ride was the last activity we were with the group before it ended and we still have an hour and a half before the show in Dolphin Lagoon would start. We decided to do a bit of "beach hopping" and see all the public beaches around Sentosa Island. We boarded a Blue Line bus that will take us to the Beach Station.

From the Beach Station, we originally planned to ride a beach tram that will take us to different beach points. However, Chester and I decided to take a walk instead along the shoreline since we still have much time in our hands and the line on the beach tram was quite long.

This is Palawan Beach - also a white sand beach, less crowded though and more peaceful than Siloso Beach.

pure fun under the sun!



a marker for Southernmost Point of Continental Asia

This suspension bridge leads to an islet that is the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia. It is also considered as the point in Asia nearest the equator.

The farther side of Palawan beach, near Dolphin Lagoon.

The Dolphin Lagoon coming up next!


mhel said...

I wasn’t able to visit this part of Sentosa. I only got the chance to see the man-made Siloso Beach.

Photo Cache said...

When I went there, it was gloomy and gray (twas January) and while I enjoyed the place, it wasn't as pretty as your pics with blue skies.

escape said...

nice to see it from your perspective. i just wonder where they took that name.

atto aryo said...

simple lang siya pero maganda at malinis. my type of beach..

Jasper said...

@an asian traveler - reason for you to come back then! :D

@photo cache - thanks! it wasn't as pretty though because it was already very late in the afternoon

@the dong - haha it makes me wonder too!

@r-yo - exactly! :)