Friday, May 22, 2009

Songs of the Sea

This show capped off our Sentosa day trip and is a nice ending to the wonderful experience we had around the island. Songs of the Sea (ticket priced at SGD10) is a spectacular musical fountain show of laser lights, fireworks and images that will surely captivate one's young heart. A During my first time in Sentosa last June 2006 I saw "Magical Sentosa Musical Fountain Show" that ran for 25 years until 2007. This is said to be a "replacement" of that legendary show.

Shows times are 7:40PM and 8:40PM. We opted for the earlier schedule to make the most out of our time. Located in Siloso Beach and near the Beach Station, we planned and arrived by 7:00PM at the enclosed area that can comfortably seat an audience of 2,500 so that we can catch good seats. We rode the beach trams again en route to Beach Station and immediately went to line up at the entrance after buying our drinks in a convenience store. At the center stage of the show, floating on the water is a 120-meter kelong, a Malay fishing village structure.

Half of an hour later, it was already darked and it was almost showtime. In my estimate, the place is 60-70% full since it was a weekend.

And the show started! There was a live cast who sang songs from different countries to entice the audience to participate and be with them.

Other scenes during the show:

This show is indeed a very good finale for our Sentosa island trip. By 8:30PM the show was over and we hurriedly headed to another place in mainland Singapore which I'm blogging next!


escape said...

it's really a great experience when you end a trip with a show like this. it brings you to the peak of your visit.

beautiful light display. you just showed that there's much to do and see in that island.

Jasper said...

@the dong - nice experience indeed! something you should do in the future ha?