Monday, June 16, 2008

The Calypso Cabaret Show

Looking for something different to do in Bangkok, we booked ourselves for the Calypso Cabaret show on our last night in the city. The show theater is located in Asia Hotel Bangkok.

Tickets were sold for about 1,250 THB, inclusive of a buffet dinner at The Tivoli.

The theater is not that big. Maximum capacity must be 300+ only.

So this is our table. Seats are numbered so when you purchase tickets you are guaranteed to have tables and seats.

The show began in a few minutes. It is composed of smaller themed presentations. Here are some pictures of the show.

The Opening

The Chinese Ballad - a story of a wounded love

Stars of Calypso - a show of impersonations

The Ostrich Parade

A tribute to Josephine Baker

Geisha - a comical Japanese show

Fantasy of Thailand - Thai dancing of both modern and classical moves

I Am Who I Am

Arirang - a Korean show

All That Jazz



At the end of the show, the casts were lined up for those who wanted to have "meet and greet" or photos taken with them.

For me it was a fantastic show! Little shows compressed in under 2 hours of non-stop entertainment! I never had seen anything like this before.

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