Sunday, June 8, 2008

Dinner in Aziza

Aziza is located in Archbishop Reyes Ave. cor Bauhunia Drive in Banilad, Cebu City, Philippines.

What I can distinctively remember from this dinner is that we had inside the wine cellar of Aziza not exactly in the dining area. This was an auxilliary event to the summit where we took out the guidest for dinner and the place was closed for us.

The group I am with during the dinner. It was a fun talking with people all over the world.

Right after the dinner we had a few drinks upstairs before everyone call it a night. The lounge upstairs is very nice and a good place to hang-out.

We really didn't get a chance to choose what we will eat because the menu was fixed to about 6 courses. From bread, to cheese, meat, entrees to the deserts. Everything was great though I really can't remember what was served. For every course, we were served a complementing wine. All I can say is nice place, nice food, I think everything here is pricey, but definitely is a must try!

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