Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Exploring Kuala Lumpur

Day 6 in Kuala Lumpur. By this time, Julie and I have been in Kuala Lumpur for almost a week and for Jairus and my mom, it's their 2nd day. We brought them around in places we've mostly been to (majority of which is in the city center locally called as the Golden Triangle). We also took them to Suria KLCC for shopping and up the Petronas Twin Towers Skybridge for the experience.

Right after lunch we were picked up in our hotel for the "free" city tour that is part of our land arrangement package (which included our hotel and airport transfers).

First stop was at the gates of King's Palace to take photos. The place really looks grand and majestic in person even if we were just standing outside. How I wish there was a small tour inside as well.

Next, we were brought to Tugu Negara (National Monument). The centerpiece of the area is a free-standing bronze sculpture in honor of those who risked their lives to fight against communists.

We past by Masjid Negara (National Mosque), the biggest so far I've ever seen.

Near Dataran Merdeka (Independence Square) are buildings with beautiful architecture fused with both Malaysian and British influence.

Sultan Abdul Samad Building

Kelab Di Rajah Selangor (Royal Selangor Club), a membership sports club of people in high-society in Malaysia.

Located inside Royal Selangor Club is one of the tallest flagpoles in the world (95 meters). It is a place of history where the first Malaysian flag was raised in 1957.

Other parts of the tour were more like to "force shopping". This includes the trip to Beryl's Chocolate Kingdom. I must admit though that I uber love the chocolates of Beryl's, especially the Tiramisus.

Dong-A Batik showed us how to make Batiks, a type of cloth that allegedly can be used in many ways.

There was a shop that do not allow pictures to be taken inside but their items are leather goodies like shoes, bags, wallets, jackets, etc. Quite pricey though.

Last part of the tour was a photo stop in front of Petronas Twin Towers. Here's a photo of Julie, Jairus, mom and me in front of the landmark.

After the tour, which ended a bit early, we went to the Eye on Malaysia in Titiwangsa. Acros the street is a beautiful building which we were told is the Istana Budaya (National Theatre)

Eye on Malaysia is actually a Ferris Wheel ride that gives you a good view of the city. It is now a landmark by itself and we were told that viewing is best when it's dark. It was drizzling when we came but it didn't ruin our experience.

After our ride, we stayed a bit longer for the laser light show shown over Titiwangsa lake. It is absolutely beautiful!

Jairus and I went to Jalan Petaling (Petaling Street) in Chinatown right after while mom and Julie went home to rest. The place is packed with a lot of goodies from fruits to fashion items, musical records, toys, etc. It is very similar to "tiangge" but this one is literally on the streets.

We didn't stay long at the night market because we were already tired ourselves. Before going home we bought some street food including chicken skewers.

Next day (day 7) was our last day in Kuala Lumpur. It was a Sunday and we heard mass in St. John's Cathedral. It seems there's a Filipino community somewhere because you can hear Filipinos speaking their native language left and right. After the mass, in a true "Pinoy fashion", there are vendors outside the compound selling rice cakes and other delicacies.

We took a cab from the church and went up the Menara Kuala Lumpur (Kuala Lumpur Tower), the fifth tallest in the world. We wanted to try the revolving restaurant but it was fully booked at that time.

The view from the tower is great although it was dim during that time of the day for some reason. You can see here how far we are walking from our hotel (lower left) to KLCC (Petronas Twin Towers) everyday.

Other views from the tower.

After the tower, we went back to Jalan Petaling to have lunch and to shop because Julie and mom didn't join us the night before. They did quick some last-minute shopping because after this we need to pack our things.

This is our last peek of the Renaissance Hotel lobby before we were picked up.

Temptations, this is where we ate breakfast everyday. Good food but I grown fatigue with the taste because there weren't too much choices and we've been eating there for 7 days.

Boarding our airport transfer. We were picked up at 10pm.

Our driver was kind enough to stop in the highway so he can tell us more about Putrajaya, a city.

We were dropped in Kuala Lumpur International Airport - Low Cost Carrier Terminal. Our flight is early past 1am the next morning.

I had been in Kuala Lumpur for only a week but it seems longer. I had a great experience in the city and I really felt at home in it. The ideas of working or settling in the city toyed in my mind because I really like the city and I felt it's really a nice place to live in.

More pictures are available in multiply. Just add me as a friend to view them.

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