Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pre-show Dinner at The Tivoli

We bought tickets for the Calypso Cabaret show. So after our trip to Dream World, we went to Asia Hotel Bangkok to watch the show but we had dinner first in The Tivoli.

It was an international buffet of Japanese, Italian, French and Thai food. Food was good but what I like about their buffet menu is the ability to choose raw meat and have it cooked according to your preference similar to a shabu-shabu.

The place was full of diners that Monday night. We had an hour and a half to eat before the show starts so we took our time and helped ourselves to what is served. It's a hotel restaurant but it's not really that high-end per se.

One thing to keep in mind here though, the prices of the drinks are a bit steep than usual. TSo we before we proceeded to watch the show that night, we got this picture of Julie, mom and me.

So I had seafood, roast beef and loads of meat stir fried, broiled and pan fried according to my delight. Fruit and desert selection were great! Luscious chocolate sweets and cakes, fresh fruits that are superb and perfectly sweet, they had one of the best desert table I've ever eaten from!

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