Sunday, June 1, 2008

Going up the Petronas Twin Towers Skybridge

At the last day of Tech·Ed SEA 2007, we went to the Petronas Skybridge, a bridge connecting Towers 1 and 2 of the Petronas Twin Towers.

The entrance is located at the basement. The entrance is free but because of it's fame, a lot of tourists flock here to go up to the skybridge. They begin distributing tickets by 8:00am and if you're lucky to get some, they usually are post-timed later that day and you'll need to come back for the schedule. That's exactly what happened to us so we need to come back after lunch to go up the bridge.

You need to be there early before your scheduled time, at least 10-15 minutes prior. There is an area exhibiting historical facts and information about Petronas and the local oil & gas industry to keep you entertained while waiting.

Your scheduled time will be called when it's the time of your group to come up. We were asked to wear colored ID tags for identification and were directed to a small theatre for a viewing of a 3D introduction movie of what to expect above and additional information about Petronas and the twin towers.

After the screening we were led into a service elevator to go up to the skybridge. The bridge connects the two towers in two floor levels, 41st and 42nd floor. The 41st floor is the one that is open to the public for viewing.

So this is how the skybridge looks like.

This was the view from one side of the skybridge. Because 41st floor wasn't that high. there were still taller buildings that blocked the scene, but it was good enough to see the city in bird's eye view.

Another view from the other side of the bridge facing the KLCC park.

On my first time to go up the skybridge, I was with Eugene and Julie. We also went back a couple of days after with my mom and Jairus when they joined us in this trip.

Me and julie acting weird and amazed by the skybridge. Don't get me wrong, the view is really picturesque and stunning. You have to experience it yourself to believe.

The ceiling of the 41st floor of the skybridge.

We went down after 10 minutes or so and were back where we started. There was a Tesla Coil Show that was about to start when we came down that demonstrated what's going to happen in case lightnight strucks either of the tower.

Overall, it was an exciting experience to go up the skybridge and get a view of the areas surrounding the Petronas Twin Towers. Afterall this is a historic building that once claimed the title of being the tallest tower in the world until recently. Best of all, the tour was free. You can't help but to try to get and squeeze yourself into going there because almost everywhere you go within the city you will see the beauty of the structure of the twin towers that is really inviting.

More pictures are available in multiply. Just add me as a friend to view them.

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